I fucked a ganster

It’s wee hours, in the dusk of Seoul, snow is falling, the breeze drapes to her exposed face, a certain tall woman who is waiting every night and strolling around to witness some action scenes or crime scenes, or maybe spotted some gangsters around. The tall woman is wearing black sweaters inside of a thick trench coat, a black scarf covering the half of her face, a worn out grey Nike beanie, ripped tight denim jeans and a military boots is covered by snowflakes.

The doe-eye woman is humming some random Christmas songs, well, Christmas season had already passed but she loves the songs of the Christmas, it’s joyful once and makes her forget her real world problems. Then she stopped until she saw a figure, great, a suspicious figure, that small figure has a long hair and she believes that she’s a woman, based from her petite body frame. The curious deer sneak through the alley carefully, it might be some crime scene, finally, after her hours-worth of waiting! The curious deer hide herself to the corner wall, carefully eyeing the suspicious movement, then she heard a voice, a taunting voice but her voice like came from heaven because it’s too sweet and gentle for her


“Yah! Yah!.” A threaten coming from a woman


“P-Please. . . d-don’t do this . . . I-I h-have a l-little s-sister to take c-care of. . . “ a pleading voice of a man and it looks like the man is beaten up because the man is coughing blood and curling on the ground. Then she saw the woman, who believe who has an angelic voice but she only sees figure, the woman looks like wearing shorts, pair of sneakers, over-sized jacket and snapback cap, bend down to the poor man laying helplessly on the ground and she saw that the woman grab his collar


“Argh. P-ple-“ then a right hook punch was received by the man that causes to stumble on the ground, coughing hard. The doe-eyes mouth agape in amaze, this is it! A gangster! The deer suddenly run towards them


“SWEET LORD! LET ME JOIN TO YOUR TEAM!!” The deer exclaimed excitedly which the two figure jump out in shock and the woman suddenly grab her 9-mm revolver with silencer aiming to the deer’s head, which it will poop out the deer’s head if she pulls the trigger any time.


“Yah! You want to die?” The angelic voice of the woman taunt but the deer didn’t bulge, as a matter of fact she’s not afraid at her, then the victim on the ground slowly crawling away silently away from this two crazy woman, the man is trying to make his life and death situation escape, then they didn’t notice the man is gone


“No, but I want to join to your-“ the deer replied


“NO! You fuckin’ interrupt me here and-“ the woman which the deer can’t clearly see her face due to the lacking source of light and the woman in front of her look to where her victim is laying on the ground and she didn’t saw the man. The woman kicks off the ground violently


“DAMN IT!!” The woman curse and she walk dangerously to the deer, but the deer is getting excited, yeah bring it on!


“You. . . “ The woman dangerously said as she walk near to her and then she saw the bright red color with rainbow highlight in the end of her hair tips, a snapback cap, her face, has a white complexion, beautiful would be understatement, the deer mouth agapes and she notices that the woman in front of her is glaring to her and she smirk aiming violently her gun to her forehead, the deer just pursed her lips, but swear she’s can’t help but to stare to her features


“You. .  since YOU just let my victim run away, and because of that you will be my victim now.” Damn, that’s so sexy, the deer is darting with lust to the latter’s tempting lips, delicious, then she can feel her crotch is bulging, yep, she this ‘thing’ between her thighs.




A shoulder length jet black haired boy who is wearing a cartooned hoodie, with a walking shorts and a pair of sneakers, he is playing with his remote drone, her family is just a few meters away from him who is having a family picnic, he witnesses how his family is enjoying themselves alone, he actually get used to it. Well at least he still part of the family, he has an older sister, but his sister hated him. The boy just roams around and flying his drone skillfully, if he really doesn’t have this abnormal condition maybe his parents accepted him. Then he got bored and join his family, he skips walking and he saw that his family is darting knifes with their stares, the boy pursed his lips and he lowered his head,


“Umma, I’m hungry.” The boy said and her mother just give a space for him and she didn’t even bother to accommodate the boy, the boy clenched his fist, it’s really too much, but he doesn’t have a choice, he doesn’t have any one to take care of him. He is just a minor, a 16 years old, and he is claiming that he is a boy, as a matter of fact his supposed to be flat and muscular chest is growing, so he is wearing binders to make it flatten.


“Just grab what every you want Yoona,” Her sister said with a piercing tone, Yoona, that’s a girl’s name, he is supposed to be guy, he should be not like this, a girl with ‘something’ between on her legs. Yoona clenches her fist, after she grabs some food to eat, her family stood up and she left her alone, a lone tear escapes from her eyes as she witnesses her family is taking some pictures together not including her. From a far she just looks at them, like a perfect family, without her. She really hated herself because of this intersex condition, it’s not her fault, it’s not she choose to be like this. Yoona put down her plate and she go to a public rest room.


The moment she reached the public communal toilet, she doesn’t know which toilet she would go, but of course since she looks like a boy, she enters to the men’s toilet. Yoona looks her reflection to the mirror and she witness some of her feminine features such as her lips, and her eyebrows, she washes her face, water droplets drape to her face with the mixture of her tears. She punched the ceramic sink


“Goddamn it! Why me?! Why?!” She continues to punched it like a madman, some men entering to the toilet got scared from her outbursts. Then she felt some oozing metallic red to her knuckles it’s her blood. Yoona doesn’t feel hurt, physically it’s more painful than being hurt emotionally.


After a few minutes she came out from the toilet and she go back to where her family is, but they are gone, she tried to call them but no one’s answering, no signs of her family, she’s all left alone, left behind, a tears are threatening to escape, then she kneels down to the ground and clenched her fist to the ground and she punched it and she groan in pain and scream from the top of her voice.



After a month, she became a beggar, living to the streets, she pickpockets for a living, she’s still in her hoodie but it’s worn out now, and her pants, of course, and her worn out and dirty sneakers, her hair grown and it’s now bust length, she’s eating some left over from the restaurant’s alley, to satisfy her growling stomach. Then she saw, a crime scene, at first, she’s trembling, trembling in fear, she can’t move, her body is paralyzed as she witness a guy who looks like a university student with some money, beaten up by thugs, the 3 thug guys are wearing some bad-ass clothes, well unlike hers it’s worn out. Then the victim tried to fight and beating up the thugs but then as he about to escape, he was stumble to the ground and thanks to Yoona who is blocking the way, they both hissed in pain, then the 3 thugs caught him and they knocked him down. Yoona curl herself into ball trembling


“P-Please d-don’t h-hurt me. . . “ Yoona chanting in mantra and she heard them chuckled


“Actually, we are here to thank you, you manage to caught that stupid guy.” The man said and he bend down and he carefully pat the head of Yoona, she jumped out and she look at them, smiling at her, it’s not an evil or mischievous smile but it’s really a smile of gratefulness.


“It looks like you don’t have a home right? How about you join us?” The other man said and he beam his smile to Yoona, a tears fall from her eyes, a home? That’s what she needed, it’s been a rough day to her being in the streets, luckily she looks like a guy, and she has a guy thingy or else she’s been raped and abused by some criminal or rapist out night.


“Aigoo~ don’t cry we won’t hurt you buddy; it’s just we return some favors to you. And by the way, my name is Donghae, this is Siwon and the other guy is Eunhyuk.” Donghae said and he pointed the guys respectively. Yoona nodded and she carefully stood up, and she got helped by Donghae


“So what’s your name boy?” See, she got mistaken as a boy, thanks to her manly physique.


“I’m Y-Yoong.” Of course she doesn’t want to say her whole name, and her real name,


“I see, so Yoong, welcome to our brotherhood.” Donghae patted her shoulders, Siwon smile and he extend his hands


“Welcome brother.” Yoona smile from ear to ear, and she shook their hands


“It’s nice to have a new brother.” Eunhyuk said and he patted her shoulders. Damn, it’s too good to be true, finally she had a new family.


4 years had passed, her secrete still remained in darkness, she still treated as a guy, and of course her brotherhood named, SuJu brothers, a thug, who steals from the banks, barging in from house to house to steal, and even she masters melee skills, as a matter of fact she’s the strongest in melee amongst them. They just know that Yoona is conservative and she can’t strip her top, thanks to her grown mounds, but she needs to covered it with binders. Then they got a mission, because their leader, Leeteuk got caught by some bandits, the EXO, they are their rivals, then the whole members made a plan,


“Okay Yoong, you should cover up Sungmin,” Sungmin aced diversion, and Yoona is the head start,


The SuJu brothers reached the boundary territory of EXO, Sungmin fished out his metal rod and he smashed to the metallic gate, then the one who is guarding the gate gets out, it’s Chanyeol. Then he smirks as he brings out his metallic baseball bat with some nailed spikes on the end.


“So you came. Now let me kill the two of you with one shot.” Then Chanyeol run towards them Yoona made a secret signal to let the team in to the gate, Sungmin block the swing of Chanyeol while Yoona quickly dashed to him to give him a 45-degree side kick but Chanyeol block it with his forehand, Yoona smirk as she heads bang the guy, Chanyeol groan as he wipes his nose bleeding and he got hit to his abdomen by Sungmin with his metal rod, Chanyeol bent down to the ground


“Chanyeol!” Then another member run to him and he points his 9mm hand gun, shit. The guy is armed. Yoona glance to Sungmin, and he did the same and they get ready for their defense position. Actually they have a bullet proof vest under their clothes.


“Baek, I-I can manage them.” Chanyeol stood up and he pushed away Baekhyun, who looks so attached to Chanyeol, Yoona ready herself and Chanyeol dash to her and he swing his bat to hit her torso but Yoona duck and her face got bruised a little,


“Damn!” Chanyeol keep on swinging his bat to Yoona who is dodging his attacks, then a huge explosion and fire outbreak to their hide out, Yoona and Sungmin widen their eyes


“NO!” They all exclaimed and Baekhyun aimed his gun to Yoona and as he was about to shoot her Sungmin shielded Yoona and he got hit at his head, a head shot, his blood burst to Yoona, which Yoona widen her eyes and tears falling to her eyes,


“SUNGMIN!” Yoona clenched her fist and she dashed in a second, as if she’s inhuman, and twisted the wrist of Baekhyun and she’s darting her glares to him and grab his head and his nape and twist it 180 degrees ending his life. Chanyeol got shock to her strength, he is trembling, her speed and reflexes are so fast, Yoona glared him and she runs towards him and give him several punches, which made his face swollen, he is begging for his life, but Yoona’s aura became dark and she ended his life by hitting his nape with her knuckles and twisted it. Yoona is panting hard, and she witnesses the building is on fire, she run to the building praying that some of her brothers still there, but the fire worsens and she can’t find some entrance,


“FUCK THIS! DAMN IT!” Yoona curses as she tried to find her way in to save her brothers, but it looks like it’s really hopeless, Yoona just kneel down and she weeps hard for her brothers,


“FUCK YOU GOD!” Yoona curses as she really hates Him so much for making this life miserable.


Year had passed she came back to the streets again, she changes her clothes to a worn out black trench coat, wearing some beanie, and her brunette hair is now in her shoulder length, her face looks like a woman now, she got actually got to several gangs, she really wanted to join gangs, because she felt home there, but her gang was slaughtered and some of them got into jail, and luckily she managed to escape, then she tries again and searching then,


“Nana!” Yoona exclaimed as she saw the woman named Nana who is wounded and she looks like she managed to escape from prisoner, actually, Yoona has a crush to Nana the moment she joins their gang. But Nana is straight and she also has boyfriend, who is their gang member too. But since her whole gang is caught and tortured, Yoona again is the one who just manage to escape and she didn’t know that Nana was able to escape too. She bends down and tends the wounds of Nana


“Y-Yoong, h-help him, p-please.” Yoona suddenly felt her heart clenched, so it’s always him. Yoona just nodded and she smile


“Don’t worry, but first I need you to bring back to the hide out, your condition is not good.” Yoona lift her in her back, giving her a piggy back, swear her heart beat suddenly is racing, damn it’s too good to be true, Yoona creep her smile from her fluttered face and she dash away,


“Yah! The prisoners are escaping!”


“Go shoot them” Yoona widen her eyes and she grip the thighs of Nana securely


“Hang on tight I’ll run like a wind.” Yoona said and a gun shot causing Nana groan in pain, she got shot


“NANA!!” Yoona tried to hide and she saw a small cabin and she put down Nana who got shot from her waist, Nana is coughing blood, Yoona ripped her cloth and pressed her wounds,


“AHHH!” Nana screamed in pain and she digs her finger nails to the forearm of Yoona, but Yoona don’t mind the pain, her cry never stops flowing like a river


“Nana please, don’t die on me please,” Yoona chant in mantra and she witnesses the woman’s eye lid is going heavier and there is dark shade under her eyes, and her lips gone pale, and slowly the grip got lighter


“No, no, no.”


“P-Please.” Yoona witnesses Nana died in her arms, and she cried harder, Yoona hug the dead body tightly


“I-I love you. . “ Yoona wasn’t able to confess her feelings for her and she give her a kiss from her pale lips, hoping that Nana will come back to life, like the fairy tale does but again it failed, another false hope, and heartbroken at the same time.


Then after another month, her life resume again, of course it’s like a repeating manner, it’s like she goes to a gang and be a member some will die some will leave, and some will live for their lives. It’s become a cycle and she got immune about it. Yoona just became an easy going person, she doesn’t want to stress her life, she even tried to walled herself to protect her fragile heart. She prevents herself to get to close from people, her personality is kinda complicated actually, like her life.


Then 3 years had passed she became a member to 4-minute gang, it consists of 5 other members and a leader named Ji-hyun. They know don’t know the condition of Yoona, and one time she got busted as she actually saw her half naked then she got again into a gang but she got kicked out, because of they found out her ‘abnormal condition’. Then after some months of searching again, she found this beautiful woman, which she knows that she’s a gangster.




“YAH!” Then she felt the gun points harder to her forehead, the deer look directly to the eyes of this gorgeous woman, and she grins sheepishly, which made the latter mouth agape,


“How come. .  .” The woman mutters and the deer grab the right wrist of the woman who’s pointing her gun to her forehead and remove it carefully while she looks directly to her eyes without fear, and she saw the latter flustered


“I’m not afraid, I’m not afraid of anything, even death, so please let me join to your gang.” She gone through all the pain in her life so she’s immune with it. The pleading voice yet with full of determination of the deer, made the latter flustered and she look away and took a step back and retracted her hands away to the grip of the deer. She found this close proximity with the deer uncomfortable, she’s never been flustered by a woman, and she’s the first.


“Ehem, f-fine. But-“ The woman faked cough and she stutters, god, why do she even feel fluttered to this woman, then a hug made her heart beat skip like crazy 


“YES!! THANK YOU!!” The deer hug her tightly and swear the latter is burning, her ears, her cheeks and her body, then with her full strength she tried to freed herself to the deer, and damn her strength is no joke,


“I-I c-can’t br-eath” well the gangster really can’t breathe due to the tight hug and yeah this woman is making her heart palpitate.


“Oh, I’m sorry.” The deer release the sudden tight hug and she grin sheepishly to the woman and that made her blushed again and she composes herself in a cool way, because there is no way she’ll act weak to this brat.


“Name.” The gangster said in a cool way and the deer grab her hands, which made the gangster flustered


“Yoona, Im Yoona at your service.” Yoona said as she grins happily and swear her feeling right now is beyond happiness. The woman quickly retracted her hand and hiding her flustered face and she death glare the latter


“No. Touching.” She said in a commanding tone which made Yoona raised her hands in surrender


“Okay, Okay.” She replied


“Hm, . . . so . . . “ Yoona said as she is waiting the woman to introduce herself which the latter will not ever introduce herself


“Rule number 1 don’t ever, EVER. Interrupt me when I’m talking. And no TOUCHING.” The gangster said as she played her revolver in her hands, Yoona just eyeing and observing her, she’s really gorgeous, Yoona gulp as she can smell also the intoxicating smell of the latter, very enticing and making her ‘thing’ hard again, damn these hormones, Shit Yoona junior get a grip!


“Rule number 2 don’t ever, EVER, distract or interrupt while the member is making the scene.” Yoona trying to pay attention but this gangster makes her wants to bang her, and rape her right her and right now, but she’s trying not to, because it’s the same reason why she got kicked out to her previous gang, well she might have kicked out because of her condition. The deer just nodded while she ogling the figure of the latter, sexy, right curves in every places, Yoona lick her lower lips


“But it seems that you broke the two rules and about to break another rule eh? Do you think that you’ll be worthy to be part of our gang? Huh?” The gangster said and Yoona creased her eyebrows


“What is the other rule that I broke?” She asked curiously and the gangster beam her sly smirk


“Well, you are fantasizing my, body. And I believe that you really don’t know who I am right?” Yoona bit her lips and she mutter sorry and bow in an apology, and she shook her head


“Well, I’m the leader of our gang, but before I’ll accept you. You need to defeat me.” Yoona creased her brow


“D-defeat y-you?” Yoona curiously asked and the gangster smile mischievously


“Yes, in a sparing.” Phew, Yoona smirk well, she’s very good at melee, as a matter of fact she prefers melee than using weapons.


“I’m on.” Yoona said then the gangster smirk, yeah she’s a master of melee attacks.


“But rule number 1 still applies.” What? That made Yoona widen her eyes, it’s impossible, No touching? No effing way, way too impossible, then that means she can’t hold or even have any contact with her with her bare hands, Yoona gulp her saliva and the gangster notices her change of aura


“Oh, it seems that you are bothered eh?” Yoona clenched her jaws and composed herself


“Deal.” Yoona said in determination and the gangster hoist her gun away


“We’ll not using any shooting weapons, but you can use any melee weapons.” Damn, Yoona suck at melee weapons, she preferred bare hand melees, then she just nodded, and hoping that she’ll make it. Alive.


“And if you failed this rules, meaning you are not worthy to be part of our gang. Understood.” The gangster said and Yoona nodded again


“Okay. Let the game begin.” The gangster said and she walk near to Yoona and Yoona engage towards to her and she quickly grab some wooden plank and she swing it towards the gangster and the gangster smirk and she give a 45-degree kick to the poor plank and it flew away and she stole the half of the wooden plank to Yoona, Holy Shit, the gangster’s very fast and faster than what she thought and the half wooden plank smashed to her face which her lips bleeds.


“Oh, too slow, is this your best?” The gangster taunt, god, her voice is so sexy when she used that tone, and Yoona smirk, she wants to get into the pants of this woman, but she needs to make some move that this gangster won’t resist her


“Don’t worry this is just getting started baby.” Yoona said charmingly and she send a wink to the gangster and lick her blood to the corner of her lips, the gangster got pissed


“I said no TALK! That’s a warning!” Yoona pursed her lips and she witness the gangster quickly grab the metal cup of the trash bin and she flying saucer it towards to Yoona and Yoona duck and kick it back towards the latter but the gangster manages to karate chop it towards the ground and it deforms,


“Sexy.” Yoona said and that made the gangster fluttered again, damn this brat is making her focus swayed


“I-I said no-“ then Yoona dashed like a wind to the gangster while she’s holding a cast iron pipe and she was about to swing it towards to the gangster who looks like she lost her focus,


“But you want it right, look at your face, it’s all written there.” Yoona said in a whisper tease, Yoona stopped in a very close proximity and she didn’t continue to hit the cast iron pipe to the head of the gangster and the gangster got shock, and Yoona smirk. And she leans her face closer to the gangster, which made the latter mouth agape and fluttered


“Am I worthy now, Leader?” Yoona said in her husky voice, making sure her hot breath sends to the lips of the gangster. This is the chance, Yoona lean, be brave Yoona! and claim the lips of the fluttered gangster and she cup the nape of the gangster, and god, her lips is soft, at first she’s expecting the gangster to reject her and push her away but the gangster is kissing and responding her kiss equally, damn, they hungrily kissing and lapping their lips, Yoona can feel her ‘thing’ is harden and wants to get out to its cage,


“hmm. . . “ the gangster moan in her mouth, wow, sexy, her voice is fucking sexy, then Yoona deepen the kiss, their saliva is mixing and she felt the gangster is exploring her body, Yoona smirk as she can feel the gangster is stripping her coat. Yoona let the gangster remove her coat and it falls to the ground, damn it’s snowing but who cares, her body is heating so it doesn’t matter. Yoona pushes roughly the gangster to the wall pinning her both hands above her head as they continue to suck and lap their lips, so needy, hungry, and wild.

Their saliva is dripping to the side of their lips, Yoona parted her lips sucking her lower lips, their breathe hitched then she felt the gangster slip her hands to her sweaters and caressing her tone abs, damn this woman is horny like hers too. Yoona begin to caress the clothe mounds of the gangsters and moaning louder inside her mouth. Yoona felt that the gangster is grinding her body against her, and the gangster accidentally brushed her exposed thighs to her ‘thing’. Yoona groan in pleasure. And she releases the hungry kiss and they are both panting and catching their breath, the gangster is eyeing Yoona with full of lust, flustered and she continue to caress the tone abs of the latter and lean to her the latter’s ears


“Fuck me. Hard.” Yoona swear that she wanted to do that but she might scare the gangster due to her ‘abnormal condition’. Yoona step back and the gangster creased her brows in displeased


“What?” That annoyed needy tone of the gangster eyeing Yoona in displeased manner.


“I-I’m . . . I-I’m sorry but-“ Yoona said and a that familiar soft lips crashed to hers again and they are kissing with passion and rougher. The gangster unbuckles the belt of Yoona and which made the deer widen her eyes and stop the latter


“What?! You made me this needy! I want a fucking release okay?! Now let me do you!” The gangster continues to strip her, but Yoona cover her crotch


“W-Wait.” Yoona said and the gangster got irritated


“What now? Be thankful that you can have me. And fuck me. Then you are rejecting me? A leader of a gang? Seriously Yoona?” Then Yoona got amazed and fluttered when the gangster slips her name to her tongue and she lean and kiss the latter again, wow she’s scary and hot.


“Okay, but, I have something to confess.” Yoona said and the gangster eyed her in anticipation




“I have a ‘thing’.” Yoona said and the gangster creased her brows in confusion


“What ‘thing’?” Yoona pointed her crotch and the gangster saw the weird bulge to her pants


“A-Are you a guy?” The gangster asked in a shocked tone


“No, I’m a woman with this ‘thing’. So are you sure that you want me to fuck you?” Yoona asked carefully and the gangster chuckled which made Yoona creased her eyebrows in confusion, then the gangster walk closer to her and she rub the erection of Yoona which made the latter groan


“Woah, So big.” The gangster remark,


“I never you that this really exists.” Her seductive tone as she continues to massage her clothe erection, Goddamn it. Yoona rolled her eyes in pleasure and her legs got wobbly and she slightly support her hands to the walling pinning the gangster again


“Arggh. . f-fuck.” That sensual massage can feel her pre-cum damping her boxers.


“Well, I don’t mind if you fuck me . . . “ Yoona widen her eyes and eye the gangster who is eyeing her lovingly and more like flustered, Holy shit.


“as long as it is YOU who fuck me.” The gangster emphasized, Yoona gulp her saliva to the latter sexy voice and the latter keep on rubbing her erection, Yoona cup the face of the gangster and she kiss her roughly again


“hmmm . . . “ the gangster moan and their body is grinding with each other as Yoona cornered the gangster while she kissing her roughly, their hands travelling in every inch of their body and then the gangster massages the tone cloth mounds of Yoona, so she’s really a woman with a dick. Then the gangster smirk in pleasure and broke the kiss eyeing Yoona with full of lust, which she can see lust to the doe-eyes of Yoona


“I want you inside me Yoona.” The gangster said and she unzip the jeans of Yoona which unbutton her jeans revealing her erection inside her boxer


“Huge.” The gangster remark and Yoona smirk and she remove the shorts of the gangster with revealing her black panty, then they both strip each other’s garment and Yoona’s erection revealed, 8-inch long, 3 and half inch in diameter, fucking huge. The gangster licks her lower lips and she rub the shaft sensually


“arghhh. . . “ Yoona groan in pleasure and swear this woman is very good in hand jobbing.


“F-Fuck.” As the gangster rub it faster then she came. The gangster bends down and lick her erection, her tasty cum. It’s her first time that her junior suck by a woman, damn it feels so good, it’s better than her masturbating sessions.


“Delicious. Now, my turn. Fuck me hard.” Yoona obey and she slide down the panty of the gangster and she lift her tights and wrap it around to her waist pinning her to the wall, the gangster sling her arms around Yoona’s neck


“Hold on tight baby, I’ll send you to heaven.” Yoona said in her huskily and she grab her erection and thrust it HARD to the wet tight holes of the gangster


“AHHH. . . “ the gangster scream in pleasure, luckily it’s wee hours and in the middle of nowhere too, and in a very secluded private place. Then the gangster grips the clothes of Yoona tightly as she can feel the cock of Yoona is thrusting in and out to her core, and damn she’s hitting her soft spot, her balls hitting the gangster’s outer sensitive wall.


“ahhh . . ahhhh . . “


“ahhh . . . f-fuck . . .f-faster. . . “ Yoona grant her wish and she thrust hard in and out and Yoona sucking the exposed neck of the gangster, the sound emitting became sloppier as their skin are bumping and hitting to each other and Yoona’s cock is covered by the gangster’s pre-cum.


“ahhh . . . y-yes . . . h-harder. . . “ then she can feel that the gangster is cumming as her walls tighten and hugging tightly her huge cock, the gangster curls her toes, and arches her back, rolling her eyes in pleasure


“ahhh . . . ahhh . . .i-I’m near. . . “ then Yoona make is faster and faster, the mounds of the gangster is pouncing to her body, the sound became sloppier and her balls is hitting to her sensitive slits of the gangster which she can feel pleasure, this is so fucking good and she can feel she’s near,


“ahhh . . . “


“hmmm . . “




“Y-Yoongie. . .   ahhh . . ahhh  . . . “


Then they both came, all the juices of the gangster coat her cock and her cum filled inside of the gangster, they are both panting, catching their breath and Yoona rest her forehead to the latter and she peck it, her cock still inside to the gangster


“Can you be my girlfriend?” Yoona can’t think straight after their sex, which also made her courage to confess to the gangster, more like a leader of the gang. It’s a jackpot.


“You asked me that you even don’t know my name.” the gangster chuckled and she caress the hair of Yoona while her legs still wrapping tightly to the hips of the latter


“Oh, sorry, what’s your name?” The gangster chuckled again and she give her a peck


“Jessica Jung. The leader of the Soshi Gangstah.” Jessica sexily said and she give Yoona a wink, which made the latter blushed, playing the blonde fringes of Yoona.


“What a beautiful name, Jeshika.” Jessica chuckled to her accent, well her name is American which also made some Koreans problem pronouncing her name, but she found it cute. She flicks Yoona’s forehead


“Ouch, what?” Yoona asked innocently


“It’s Jessica not Jeshika. And to answer your question. Yes I can be your girlfriend. But I’m warning you, I’m a very jealous girlfriend so if you don’t keep your cock to me and yours.  . . “ Yoona gulp her saliva due to the dangerous tone of her new, scary girlfriend but she found it sexy, she witnesses her fished out some pocket knife out of her pocket and pointed it to Yoona junior, Jesus Christ! Beads of sweat came out to her face as she felt nervous, dead nervous, she has a violent sexy hot fucking girlfriend. And a leader of the gangster, what a bonus!


“I’ll cut your cock!” Okay she’s doom, but of course she nodded in obedience and this woman name Jessica Jung is more than enough. And that will probably her start of her new journey as a gangster, with her drop dead gorgeous fucking girlfriend.