I will love you unconditionally 01


“Move your right hand a little closer to your forearm.” The brunette curly hair which is perfectly salon, her right eyes is covered slightly with her bangs wearing a see through floral patterned cardigan, black crop top inside, patterned skirt sitting on the pink blanket which her left shin is below her right thighs, sitting side-ways. Move her right hand a little closer to her left forearm which is resting perfectly on her knees, her hazel orbs look directly to the camera lens, surrounded by lights and some floral decoration acting as the background.


“Okay, good. Then smile a little please.” The model obeys, as she curls her corner lips with her little smile. Then her gaze suddenly followed to a petite ash blonde guy wearing a black over-sized sweaters and cargo ripped jeans and a pair of sneakers holding his camera and he is pointing its lens at her and series of snapshots of the camera and the continues flashing of lights within her proximity. The model keeps on her poses, then the ash blonde guy hangs his DSLR to his neck and beam his cute chin dimple smile and a charming wink to the model, which made the model blushed


“Yah! Taeyeon-ssi!” The main photographer scolded the ash blonde hair guy named Taeyeon, which the latter scratch his nape and bow his head slightly with apology. Kim Taeyeon is working in SM Couture Corp as a professional photographer and the model that is now doing the photoshoot for the next promotional magazine is his girlfriend, named Tiffany Hwang.


“I’m sorry, Mr. Park.” Taeyeon mutter and he awkwardly smile and glances over to his lover and he saw her beams her eye-smile and she giggle.


“Aish* okay we need to take a break.” Mr. Park said, heck, Tiffany is being on the shoot since 4 hours ago, and Taeyeon as a careful and loving boyfriend made a move to distract to shoot so that the main photographer will call for a break, Tiffany was about to stand up and she felt a familiar hand to her forearm and he guide her to stand which this simple gesture made her blushed.


“Baby, come on let’s eat.” Taeyeon said to his lover and he wrap his protective arms to Tiffany’s waist and pull her body closer to him. They are about the same in height, and since Tiffany is wearing a heels, she is slightly taller than Taeyeon. She felt a caresses to her waist


“Babe, don’t do it again, I mean earlier, that you distract me.” Tiffany mutter, as they continue to walk, Taeyeon glance and chuckle and peck her cheeks


“Baby you look tired, I can see it through your face, and you are hungry too.” Well, her boyfriend hit the bull’s eye, but of course she loves her job and it is her passion. Thankfully that her relationship with Taeyeon is not against to the company, well they need to be discreet due to avoid some issues in her fans. So if they are in the public, Tiffany needs to wear some disguise and lower the public display of affection with Taeyeon. Of course his boyfriend is very understanding and she’s glad to have him.


“You really are something, Kim Taeyeon.” Taeyeon grin sheepishly and Tiffany chuckled to her dork boyfriend, his baby face always mistaken him as a college student or much worst is a high school student. But she doesn’t mind because she loves him so much,


“Taengoo?” An angelic and melodic voice made the couple look to her, and Taeyeon beam his excited shocked face, which made Tiffany suddenly felt clench to her heart. She saw how Taeyeon got excited to this ash brown wavy hair which is perfectly salon, wearing a daring navy blue dress which hugging her perfect curves. Damn and this woman is gifted to her chest department which made her insecure and Tiffany possessively grab the hands of Taeyeon and she interlace it with her hand, his goddamn hot best friend makes her feel like this.


“Aigoo~ Sica are you done with your shoot now?” Taeyeon massages the knuckles of Tiffany using his thumb, his best friend secretly glances to their interlace hands and she clench her jaws, damn this man in front of her that she secretly love for almost 10 years, yes freaking 10 years, and she never attempt to be in a relationship, which her midget best friend keeps on bugging her to have a boyfriend because she’s wasting her beauty, and of course her heart is the one who blame, which was already stolen by her best friend named Kim Taeyeon. And she even gives him some hints but this midget is really crazily in love with Tiffany Hwang before he got his job here. Tiffany is quite famous model same as her but, her best friend never notices her advances to him, and for the 10 years of friendship, Taeyeon just see her as his best friend. The moment her best friend got this job 5 years ago, he courted Tiffany for a few months, well the woman rejected him for 3 times, she even told him that he should move on.

But her midget best friend was very persistent to have Tiffany Hwang as his girlfriend. Then after a few months, Taeyeon and Tiffany became officially together, that made her world stumble and her heart was pierced with a million knives that time. But then she treasured their friendship, she loves him, but he loves her, what a fucked up situation. She looks to the couple with a composed and calm face, hiding her jealousy, damn this Tiffany Hwang, she’s so lucky to have Taeyeon as her boyfriend.


“Hm, yes Taengo.” Tiffany always cringed every time this bitch, saying his pet name in a fucking shy tone, and that sweet gazes to her boyfriend, yes for her goddamn’s sake boyfriend. But lucky her that her boyfriend is crazily in love with her, and she will not let anyone to steal her boyfriend.


“Oh, you wanna join us to grab something to eat?” Tiffany grip the hands of Taeyeon tightly and Taeyeon glances to her with a concern look


“Are you okay baby?” Taeyeon faces her lover and Tiffany just beam her eye-smile and mutter okay to him, this made his best friend look away, because damn it’s too painful that the one that you love is with somebody else.


“Taengo, it’s . . .o-okay, I-I. . .I-I think, I need to go somewhere.” Her cracked voice of her best friend made also Taeyeon worried to her.


“Hey Sica you okay?”


“Yes, I’m fine don’t worry, and please enjoy your lunch with Tiffany.” Her best friend excused and she bid a good bye to the couple and accidently met her gaze to Tiffany which dead glaring her, well she’s not affected, this cold war started ever since Taeyeon and Tiffany dated, but Taeyeon is too dense to notice this cold war. Tiffany is slightly having an idea that Jessica Jung, her boyfriend’s best friend is freaking in love with her boyfriend that is why she despises this woman the most, but they just putting some act so that Taeyeon will not worried to them, they are acting nice just in front of Taeyeon.


“Okay, take care Sica-yah.” Taeyeon said in his caring tone, don’t get him wrong but he only care for his best friend named Jessica Jung, which is also a model in SM Couture Corp, and nothing more. Well, Tiffany always mistaken it that Taeyeon has a thing for his best friend, and it always lead to a huge misunderstanding and leads to argument. Then they got tired of fighting over it, due to Tiffany’s childish jealousy, and Taeyeon made her realize that Jessica is really only his best friend nothing more.


“Okay you too.” Jessica response and she left the couple. Taeyeon felt his girlfriend release her hand to him and he felt that Tiffany is angry at him, again.


“Baby, you that Sica is just my-“


“Your best friend. I know Taeyeon. But please. . .don’t act so caring to other woman if I’m just beside you.” Tiffany said in her irritated tone and she crosses her arms and she felt the hands her boyfriend wrap to her waist caressing it while back hugging her and kisses her clothe shoulder blades


“I love you Fany-ah. . .I only love you . . .and my heart only shouts your name. . . “ Taeyeon said in his sweet tone, damn his voice his so soothing and can make Tiffany very calm, his name really suits his voice.


“I love you too Tae-Tae. . . but . . .I-I’m . . . I’m j-just jealous okay. . .” Tiffany pout her lips and Taeyeon chuckled


“Don’t be jealous over Sica, damn your butt is more sexy than he-“ Then she receive a smack to his head and he hissed in pain


“Yah! Byuntae!” Tiffany scolded and she stomped away to Taeyeon, which made the guy panicked


“A-Ah. . .w-wait baby.” Taeyeon chased his girlfriend moving out to the studio.








After the break the couple back to the studio and Tiffany’s manager welcomed them


“Tiffany-ssi, you need to come with me and I’ll introduce you to your new partner in your new photoshoot next week.” Her manager said and Tiffany glance to Taeyeon


“I need to go now baby, see you later.” Tiffany peck his lips and Taeyeon nodded, and beam his chin dimple smile, he watches Tiffany and her manager talk as they walk away from him. Taeyeon release a sigh, and he clenched his fist, because he has a secret which no one knows even his own girlfriend, they are in a relationship for almost 2 years of relationship. As the time goes by, Taeyeon is eating up with her nervousness, and feeling guilty for Tiffany for not letting her know his darkest secret. Taeyeon walk back to the studio, praying that one day if the right time comes, Tiffany will accept his condition.







“Good afternoon, I’m Nichkhun Horvejkul. Nice to meet you Tiffany-ssi.” A golden blonde hair man wearing a black suit named Nichkhun beam his charming smile and extend his hands to Tiffany and Tiffany smile to him with her signature eye-smile and shook his hands


“Nice to meet you too, Nichkhun-ssi.” Tiffany replied in the same manner, then they heard the manager clasps his hands and smiling to them


“Okay, since you two will need to work together as partners, you need to know each other so that you won’t be awkward to your shoot okay?” the manager said and the two nodded, unbeknown to Tiffany, Nichkhun glance to her and he subconsciously smile as he is now captivated by the beauty of Tiffany. The manager left them and Tiffany glances back to Nichkhun and the guy composes himself to her


“So. . . Nichkhun-ssi. . “ Tiffany started, well she’s really sociable person, and no dull moments with her, that made Nichkhun blushed as he heard his name roll to Tiffany’s tongue.


“Drop off the honorifics Tiffany. Just call me Nichkhun, or Khun or Nick, which ever you preferred.” Nichkhun beam his eye-smile, well Tiffany is fascinated to his eye-smile,


“oh you have eye-smile too it’s nice, Khun. . “ Tiffany complimented, don’t get her wrong she’s just blunted out compliments to people she converse with. And it’s completely nothing and without malice. The guy blushed and scratch his nape shyly


“Hm, Thanks, Tiff. But your eye-smile is the best.” Nichkhun complimented in his charming way as he composed himself and damn he just give her a nickname.


“Sure thing. Hm, by the why your name is not Korean sounding, which country are you from?” Tiffany asked


“Hm, actually my family is Thai and lives in Cali and I was born and raised there.” Nichkhun said perfectly in English and Tiffany got amazed


“Oh, I see, I was born in Cali too, but my parents are both Koreans, I was just raised and born there, that is my I have an English name, well I don’t like my Korean name really, by the way, which is part of Cali are you?” Tiffany replied in the same manner, damn, Nichkhun gulp to her sexy English accent of Tiffany and it made his poor heart beating like a marathon


“oh, wow, hm, I’m from R-Rancho Cucamonga . . “ Nichkhun stuttered


“Really? That’s really far from mine, well I’m from San Francisco.” Tiffany replied,


“Hm, Tiff. . . c-can . . .c-can I get your number?” Nichkhun asked well he tried to gather his courage to asked her. Well maybe it’s his chance to get to know her more and even if their contract ended they might still keep in touch in the future. Then a small baby looking face guy entered and wrap his arms protectively to the waist of Tiffany and Tiffany gasps and beam her sweetest eye-smile to that midget guy and his heart broke when he witnesses the two peck, to their freaking lips, just in front of him, he clenched his fist, of course Tiffany Hwang is gorgeous and very warm person so there is no way that she’s available,


“Baby, are you done with your shoot? And what are you doing here?” Honestly Taeyeon is there just a few minutes ago and he sense that this bushy brow guy will hit his girlfriend, even though they are having a conversation in English, which he really sucks the most, the last question made him alarmed and there is no way that he will let this guy flirt with his girlfriend.


“Why? Is visiting and checking on my girlfriend is a crime?” Taeyeon emphasize the girlfriend word and he glare to the bushy brow guy and they are having a glare war to each other. Tiffany is not dense like him, Tiffany smirk that his cute dorky boyfriend is jealous, and she found it cute. So this is the time so she can tease him just a little and let him taste his own medicine every time he’s spending time with his bitch best friend.


“Oh, it’s not, by the way this is Nichkhun Horvejkul, my model partner.” Nichkhun faked smile and he extend his hands to the midget, while Taeyeon took it and he grip it harder


“Nice to meet you, Nikon-ssi.” Taeyeon said and Tiffany chuckled


“Tae, it’s Nichkhun not Nikon, and Khun, this dorky guy is my boyfriend his name is Kim Taeyeon.” Tiffany said and Nichkhun blushed that Tiffany defended her, this made Taeyeon really pissed and clench his fist more and Nichkhun do the same, dead glaring with each other, Tiffany suddenly felt guilty and she grab the forearm of Taeyeon and caresses it


“Tae, be nice to him, he is just my-“ Tiffany whisper while Taeyeon and Nichkhun is still dead glaring with each other


“Your model partner, I know, but it’s just that. . . this Nikon is flirting you baby, and I don’t like it,” Taeyeon gritted his teeth as he responds to Tiffany, the model sighs a defeat, well, she might cause this two rumble here and it is embarrassing if that happened. Tiffany smile an apology to Nichkhun


“Khun, can you excuse us for a moment please.”


“Oh, sure Tiff.” Taeyeon cringed to their nicknames and he dangerously glare Nichkhun and Tiffany drag him away while he saw the bushy brow guy smirk








“Khun and Tiff? What’s that huh?” Taeyeon mock as they are now in her dressing room, Tiffany’s private dressing room. Tiffany poker face and crosses her arms


“Well, what’s with the Sica and Taengoo huh?” Tiffany scoff in disbelief and she stomp away to Taeyeon and sit to the nearest couch. Taeyeon massages his temples and release a sigh. And he glances over to Tiffany who is sulking, Taeyeon walk near to Tiffany, and he sit just beside the model, Tiffany scoot away from Taeyeon but Taeyeon move to her closer and trap her. Tiffany gasps


“T-Tae. . “ Taeyeon lean forward to catch her lips but Tiffany push him away which made the latter shock, Tiffany didn’t meant to pushed him it is just that she’s too annoyed and not in the mood right now, because of this childish argument.


“F-Fany? . . “ Taeyeon mutter in shock and he clench his fist, Tiffany got guilty and she moves closer to Taeyeon and she was about to cup his cheeks but Taeyeon swatted her hands


“Tiffany are you in love with that guy?! Huh?!” Taeyeon outburst which made Tiffany shocked


“Wha- OF COURSE NOT!!” Tiffany defended, well it’s her first time that she saw Taeyeon in this kind of state, usually he understands this kind the most, but today is really different.


“Then why did you rejected my kiss huh?! Why did you fucking pushed me aw-“ Then Tiffany capture his lips and she wrap her arms tightly to the guy and massaging his scalp, it’s the only way to make him shut. Taeyeon tilt his head to deepen the kiss while he places his hands to the waist of Tiffany and caresses it, Tiffany straddles her boyfriend and completely rest her clothe body to Taeyeon, Tiffany felt his bulge and she brushed it in purpose, Taeyeon groan in pleasure and suddenly he is freaking nervous, his heart beat is beating irregularly, damn.

It feels like Tiffany wants to get laid right here and right now. Taeyeon and Tiffany continue to lip lock, as their saliva is dripping on the side of their mouth. But Taeyeon is now eating up with his guilt, it’s not the right time to tell her his condition, it’s not, Taeyeon release the kiss and they are panting hard to their made out session, Tiffany slip her hands under the sweaters of Taeyeon and she massages his abs, Taeyeon groan in pleasure, he can fell his south is throbbing and leaking.


“F-Fany-ah . . .” Taeyeon groan and he stop his girlfriend which made the latter creased her eye brows


“What Tae-Tae? Don’t you want inside me?” Tiffany said in irritation, way to go ruining the moment. Taeyeon feeling more guilty and he can’t take it, he don’t want to hide it from Tiffany but he is afraid and his mind filling up with ‘what ifs-‘


“F-Fany. . . I. . . I want to-“ Taeyeon was about to explain then Tiffany beam her eye-smile and clasps her hands


“Great! I want you to fuck me Kim Taeyeon. As in now.” Tiffany said in her seductive tone, and lean her body against the latter and she kneed his bulge, Taeyeon gulp


“F-Fany . . .”


“You’re junior is so hard baby. . . just . . .let me take care of him okay. . . “ Tiffany unbuckles his belt, Taeyeon widen his eyes and stop Tiffany immediately and Tiffany beam her ‘what-now-look’ to Taeyeon


“Hm, Fany . . .there is something that . . . I . . .” Taeyeon straighten up his body and he sit properly, Tiffany crosses her arms in irritation, damn it’s only rare to find a guy that is not into sex. This made Tiffany really pissed,


“What Kim Taeyeon, better be tell your valid explanation. . . “ Tiffany said in her dangerous tone and Taeyeon suddenly felt scared, what if Tiffany despised her, and many what ifs again pop up to his mind.


“F-Fany . . . I . . I . . .d-don’t have . . . “ Damn he don’t know what to say, and he can’t utter the right words,


“You don’t have what Kim Taeyeon? You’re loosing out my patience now.” Tiffany said in her annoyed tone eyeing her nervous boyfriend.


“I. . I don’t have . . .the ‘guy’ . . . thingies. . .” Taeyeon mutter in a whisper which made Tiffany confused


“What do you mean?” Tiffany felt her heart suddenly beating so hard and it feels like if Taeyeon explained it properly, that will be the end of their relationship.


“Tiffany, I don’t have a dick . . . “ Taeyeon finally said it, and he can’t look to Tiffany and all he heard is her sniffs,


“H-How. . .are you a . . .I . . .it’s . . . “ Tiffany can’t utter words she’s speechless she felt betrayed so it means that she’s dating a trans sexual? That is why Kim Taeyeon has a feminine name? but what is the bulge in his pants?


“Fany-ah . . .I-“ Taeyeon gather his courage to explain


“Then what is the bulge that I just felt a while?” Tiffany tried not to cracked her voice, damn her tears didn’t stop falling to her cheeks


“It’s . . .a dildo, Fany-ah, a soft packers.. . because I-“ Taeyeon said


“Enough! I’m not gay Taeyeon, for Christsake! You tricked me! I hate you!! What have I done to deserve this?!! Huh?” Taeyeon widen his eyes and shook his head violently


“N-No. . .it’s not like that F-“ Taeyeon was about to explain


“I SAID ENOUGH! I’m so done with your explanation!! You are disgusting! I just kissed a Trans gend?! Damn you Kim Taeyeon!!” Tiffany outburst and she walks out to her dressing room leaving Kim Taeyeon who is not crying, damn, this is what he afraid off, but she didn’t even listen to his explanation, this stupid condition made him like that, he don’t want to be an intersex person. He was born with female genital, he supposed to be a girl, but as the puberty strikes out, his body and muscle amount is the same as male, his mound didn’t grow, that is why his parents decided to make him a male, because he has adam’s apple, his voice is hoarse and deep like male, his bone structure also, but the thing is he don’t have a manhood. Taeyeon got out and he don’t want this stupid life any more, he knew it from the start that no one will accept his condition, he should have listen to his parents. But he has needs too, he wants to be loved.







Tiffany run away from her dressing room, she can’t believe that she’s been dating a trans sexual, she’s never a gay, she doesn’t eat pussy, it’s disgusting, and she can’t believe that the surgery done with that guy is really realistic, his voice, his built is really manly, no traces of female features. Tiffany suddenly felt someone beside her and she’s been crying to the back stage with less people, while her stream of tears falling to her cheeks, and she saw a handkerchief in front of her and she look to the owner


“Here, crying really doesn’t suit to a gorgeous woman like you.” Nichkhun said and he smile in comfort and Tiffany get the handkerchief


“Thanks Khun. . .” Nichkhun smile and he sit beside Tiffany with a safe distance he doesn’t want to scare her or something, or even create some issue between them, he kinda respect Tiffany that she’s already taken.


“Hm, sure no problem, but I’m just here with all ears if you want that to release, you know it really helps if you release your negative emotions deep inside your heart.” Nichkhun suggest, Tiffany felt flustered and suddenly she remember what happened earlier,


“Khun. . . Taeyeon . . .he, no I mean she’s a . . . “ Tiffany suddenly cracked her voice and begin to cry hard again which made Nichkhun carefully place his hands at the back of Tiffany and rub her back to comfort her, Tiffany scooted closer and she bury her face to the chest of the latter, which made him blushed and his heart is racing madly, Nichkhun wrap his protective arms around Tiffany and comforted the woman as if she’s a fragile glass.


“Ssssh.. . it’s okay Tiff, just cry it out okay. . . . I’m just here. . . “ Nichkhun kiss the head crown of Tiffany and he felt the arms of Tiffany snake to his waist and hugging him tightly.


Unbeknown to them, Taeyeon saw it, he even heard what Tiffany said to that guy. He began to cry harder and run away from the place, his heart is stabbed in a million knives, it damn hurts, it’s his fault for not listening to his parents, he should listen to them, and now, he is hurting like hell, then Jessica saw Taeyeon running away


“Taengo!” Jessica called him but the guy run away faster, Jessica is about to start her photoshoot, but she saw her best friend hurt, and she can’t take it. Then she fished out her phone to dial Taeyeon, but the guy’s phone is off. Damn it. Jessica look for her manager


“Sooyoung, can you please move my photoshoot tomorrow? Hm. . .there’s an emergency . . . I’m really sorry.” Jessica said and Sooyoung nodded and beam a smile


“Oh, sure go ahead, I hope that nothing’s bad happened, just take care.” Thankfully that Sooyoung is really a nice manager. Jessica grab her things and bid a goodbye and run off to her white BMW parked outside. She hates running, she doesn’t run if she’s late, but if it’s for Taeyeon, she will run. Then she quickly starts her engine and drive away to the place, trying to call him again while she looks around and trying to find her best friend


“Damn it Taeyeon, answer the fucking phone!” Jessica curse and she can’t really reach the phone of Taeyeon, then she saw the familiar figure,


“Aish* this midget, I finally found you.” Her best friend, just get inside to a bar, Jessica pull her car to the curb and she parked it, she widens her eyes as she realizes that it is a fucking gay bar! What the hell that Kim Taeyeon doing to a gay bar? Jessica put some disguise of course she can’t risk, but she’s doing this for her best friend and her love. Jessica get inside and she’s welcomed by a loud beam of music and LED lights with different colors striking to her eyes, she’s looking for her best friend


“Hey, gorgeous, do you want to drink with me?” A tanned woman approach her charmingly and she wink, based on this woman’s clothing, she’s a tomboy. Jessica shook her head


“Aw, come on, I’m Kwon Yuri, what’s your name?” Yuri extend her hands, well it’s not like Jessica is feel disgusted, but she felt annoyed because she can’t find her midget best friend


“Hm, I’m sorry Yuri-ssi, but I’m looking for somebody else. And I have someone with me also, I’m sorry.” Jessica politely reject her and she heard her a sigh of defeat and disappointment, then she saw that familiar figure, sitting on the bar stool drinking a bottle of vodka, Jessica stride towards him and snatch the drink, she knows that Taeyeon has a very low alcohol tolerance, she heard him groan in annoyance


“Y-Yah! Gimmwee bwack . . thwatt . . “ Taeyeon is already drunk and he tried to stand but his legs became wobbly, and trying to snatch back his drink, Jessica hold Taeyeon carefully, and she cup his face, his warm face due to the alcohol


“Taengo, let’s go, please. . . .” Jessica said in her caring tone, and she grab the hands of Taeyeon but Taeyeon swatted her arms which made her yelp


“Gwet away . . .from meee. . .  I down’t nweed you . . “ Taeyeon back facing her and he ordered another bottle but Jessica forcefully face him and she grabs the face of Taeyeon and crashed her lips to him, Jessica closes her eyes tightly as she tasted the bitterness of Taeyeon’s mouth, Taeyeon is responding to the kiss while his hands travel to her butt and squeeze it, she moan in his mouth


“hmm . . .” Taeyeon slip his hands to Jessica’s skirt, which made Jessica’s heart beat is beating wildly, damn, she’s making him a cheater. Jessica suddenly felt guilty and release him from their steamy lip-locking.


“T-Tae. . .I’m s-sorry . . .it’s just that  . . .I got carried away. . .” Jessica said and Taeyeon suddenly knocked out, as his head fell to Jessica’s mounds, Jessica caught him, and she’s blushing to this proximity, Jessica caresses the ash blonde fringes of Taeyeon carefully,


“Hm, miss you want me to help you carry your boyfriend to your car?” The bar tender asked, well she really wished that he is her boyfriend, but she can’t argue right now, and she felt sorry for him again, that kiss should not happened because Taeyeon already have Tiffany.


“Okay sure thanks.” Then the bar tender lift Taeyeon sideways and Jessica guided him to her car, the bar tender put Taeyeon to the passenger sit carefully, Jessica handed a tip to the bar tended and mutter thanks again. Jessica get inside her car, she glances to Taeyeon and she buckle his sit belt and she heard him snoring, Jessica giggle, as she watches that tempting lips of Taeyeon that she just kissed a while ago. Jessica runs her thumb to his lips,


“PPany . . . I’m . . .s-sorry . . .please . . .don’t broke  up . . .with me. . “ Jessica widen her eyes and she witnesses Taeyeon’s corner eyes with tears, Jessica wipe it, and she felt worried to her best friend. Jessica peck the cheeks of Taeyeon and caresses it


“Sh. . .I’m here Taengo, just please let me. . . let me love you and take care of you okay? I won’t leave you. . . I love you Kim Taeyeon.” Jessica lean to the latter’s lips to claim it again, she just gives him a chase kiss. Jessica starts to drive away from the bar going to her condo unit.







Jessica is staring to the sleeping Taeyeon, on her double sized modern bed, Jessica is wearing her comfortable tank top and shorts, messily bun her hair. She sits to the edge of her bed as she runs her hands to the face of Taeyeon


“PPany . . .” Taeyeon muttered and he stirred up to the sudden touch and that made Jessica shocked and felt hurt at the same time, Taeyeon groan in pain and massages his temples and he look around and he saw Jessica


“Omo . . .Sica? w-what are you doing here?” Taeyeon said and he sit up properly and he heard her giggle


“Pabo, of course it’s my unit Taeng. You are here at my bed.” Taeyeon widen his eyes and damn he can’t remember what happened. Then he notices that they are still in clothes and he sigh a relief, Jessica chuckled


“Yah! It’s not like I’m going to take advantage of you, aish*” Jessica lied, well she’s really tempted to rape the vulnerable Taeyeon, but of course she loves him so much that she will not hurt him due to her wrong actions. Taeyeon suddenly remember what happened, to him and Tiffany, Jessica notice the change of mood of the latter and she got worried, Jessica scoot closer to him


“Taengo, what happened? Because you were so drunk a while ago. . .” Jessica suddenly remember their first kiss, well more like her first kiss with Taeyeon, Jessica subconsciously touch her lips.


“Hm, Tiffany and I . . . are broke up already . . “ Taeyeon said and he closed his eyes as he remember that Nikon guy hugging her Tiffany. Then a tear falls from his eyes, then Jessica notice it and she cup his cheeks and wipes it. Taeyeon open his eyes, and he saw the flustered face of Jessica and looking to his lips, then Jessica retracted her hands and look away to Taeyeon


“I-I’m . . .s-sorry. . “ Jessica mutter, and Taeyeon chuckled,


“You don’t have to, well, I’m just glad to have a best friend like you Sica, you are so caring and sweet, I bet your future husband will be lucky to have you as his wife.” Jessica got a mixed feeling about his statement and cringe to the ‘best friend’ word, damn this guy is too dense, isn’t not obvious that she’s so in love with him. Jessica got annoyed and she get up to the bed which made Taeyeon alarmed.


“Sica? Did I say something wrong?” Taeyeon was about to follow Jessica and Jessica glared him, Taeyeon widen his eyes as he witnesses his best friend crying


“STUPID TAEYEON! STUPID STUPID STUPID!!” Jessica outburst and she run away, Taeyeon quickly get up and chase the latter


“Yah! Sica wait!” Taeyeon run to her and he back hug her, while Jessica is struggling away from Taeyeon, but she can’t get out to his tight hug


“Hey, hey, easy. . .why are you mad at me? Please I don’t want to lose you too, Sica, you are so important to me, you are my precious best fri-“ Jessica violently push Taeyeon away and glared him which made the latter shock


“THAT’S THE PROBLEM!! I’M ONLY JUST YOUR BEST FRIEND!! I HATE IT!! YOU ARE SO DUMB TAEYEON!! STUPID!!” Jessica grab random things and throw it to Taeyeon but Taeyeon’s fast reflexes caught it and he suddenly got shock to the confession, then he felt his heart is beating as if it wants to get out from its rib cage.


“Sica. . . “ Taeyeon suddenly became scared, and he can’t love anyone anymore, because of his goddamn condition, he lowered his head


“I-I . . .I’m sorry  . . “ Taeyeon said and Jessica scoff


“I know you don’t love me and YOU WILL NEVER BE!! WHAT IS SO GOOD TO THAT TIFFANY HWANG THAT I DON’T HAVE HUH?!! ANSWER ME?!!” Jessica outburst as her tears streaming down to her cheeks her face is burning in anger, her body is increasing its temperature


“Sica, you deserve somebody else. . .I . . .I-I don’t-“


“GODDAMNIT KIM TAEYEON!! IT’S NOT YOU WHO WILL DECIDE WHO IS GOOD FOR ME!! DON’T YOU GET IT?!! IT’S BECAUSE OF YOU!! YOU STOLE MY HEART!! NOW I CAN’T OUT FALL FOR YOU BECAUSE YOU ARE SO FUCKING UNFAIR AND YOU DIDN’T EVEN RETURN MY HEART!!!” Jessica shouted, Taeyeon run to her and she hug her tightly, while Jessica is struggling and punching his chest violently


“I hate you!!”


“I hate you Kim Taeyeon!!”


“I HA-“ then his lips silent her, Taeyeon deepen the kiss as he tilt his head cupping the back of the head of Jessica while his other hand it caressing her back


“Hmmm . . .” Jessica give in to his kiss, she closes her eyes, while her tears are falling, Taeyeon nibble her lower lips and thrust his tongue while he pinned Jessica to the wall, there is no inch found to their body, Jessica felt the erection of Taeyeon hitting her sensitive spot, damn her heart beat is beating like crazy, Taeyeon pinned her arms at the top of her head, sucking and nibbling her soft lips.


“Hmm . . “ Jessica moan and she rubs her exposed thighs to his erection, Taeyeon suddenly became aware to his condition, and he release the steamy kiss as their saliva drips and stick out as they parted, they are panting hard, catching their breath. Jessica got worried and she felt that Taeyeon back away from her, but she stops him.


“Hey. . .’ Jessica mutter in a worried tone, Taeyeon look away and release a sigh


“Sica, I’m a freak. . .I’m disgusting . . .You don’t deserve me. . .someone like me . . . I’m really sorry . . “ Taeyeon said and he was about to walk away, Jessica pounced her body to him giving him a tight hug afraid that she won’t see him again.


“You are not Tae. . . I love you, and you are not a freak-“


“I’m an intersex, Sica! I don’t have a dick for goddamn’s sake!! I’m a half male and half female . . “ Taeyeon finally said it and Jessica look at him, as if she don’t care, she’s shock to his confession, but it’s not the body that Jessica loves about him, it’s himself, his personality and being. Jessica give him a sweet smile and peck his lips


“I don’t care Tae, it’s not your physical body that I’m in love with . . .it’s you . . .it’s your being a Kim Taeyeon, so you don’t have to feel like that, because I don’t care . . . I just love you Tae. . . “


“S-Sica. . . “ Taeyeon was speechless, then he felt a cup to his cheeks caressing it


“Just please. . . let me love you . . . let me. . . please. . . I love you . . .” Taeyeon felt a tears to his eyes, damn, why he didn’t notice her from the start, Taeyeon leans forward to catch her lips again and Jessica smile as they kiss sweetly, and slowly, they both release their kiss.


“I love you too Sica. Thank you for loving me. . . “ 


Our first time

our first time_cover1

Another hectic schedule for this certain woman with a brunette straight hair wearing her corporate attire. She bears a lot of responsibility, to be a good daughter, to be successful future heiress, to be a good wife? Well, she doesn’t have a boyfriend since birth, so how will she become a good wife? Maybe her parents said so. She’s siting to her expensive leather office chair with high ceiling tempered glass window with the view of daytime of the skyline of Seoul.

The battle of the sun rays heat and her acoustical air-conditioned modern office, makes her head dizzy and not to mentions the pressure that she’s feeling every time she do her paper works, proposal, and some paper works again and proposal, and cross-checking and her parents. Yes, she has a very demanding parents, well maybe being in this kind of life style makes her love life neglected. Damn this life. Then a knocked echoed in her office

“Ms. Hwang?” oh, Ms. Lee’s voice her assistant, the heiress compose herself

“Come in.” her husky voice echoed then followed by the clicking sound of the door opened and revealing a small woman in her shoulder length brunette hair wearing a white collared long-sleeve polo tucks in her high waist black slacks and then her black hills clicking as she walks towards her while holding her ‘work’ of course

“Ms. Hwang kindly please sign it.” There it goes then the folder contains a paper that need her sign, what now? Is she a K-pop having a fan sign event or something? Well, she needs to do it, more like required, she mindlessly signed it, and handed it to her assistant

“Thank you Ms. Hwang. Have a good day.” Good day? geez, hope she really have a good day, she nodded her head to her assistant and beam her small smile and then her assistant left. Then she releases a sigh, and lean her aching back comfortably in her expensive leather office chair. She crosses her smooth legs under her black modern wooden office table. Then a ring from her iphone echoed her office, she grabs her pink Hermes purse and fish out her iphone. Then her caller is her mom, great, this will be another lecture or maybe some instruction again or something and of course she’s expecting that it is related to the company

“Hello mom?” she said from the other line

“Miyoung,” great, that stupid Korean name, which she really despises, the heiress wrinkled her nose in displeased

“Yes. Mom?” she involuntarily responded

“We need to go to Prague tomorrow and we will be having some business tour with our new investor, the Kim Corporation.” Great, meeting some investors again? Well, blame their family company for being a huge company which needs to have lots investors to increase what? Stocks? Stakeholders? she’s tired of it, she wanted to be free from the chains, feeling like that a caged-bird who wanted to fly freely and enjoying the sky. But given that she’s the only child and being an only child leaves her no choice but to be an heiress. Well, her parents? They always say, Miyoung do this, Miyoung do that, Miyoung. Miyoung. Miyoung. The heiress releases a sigh

“Yes. Mother.” She replied.

“And don’t worry I asked Ms. Choi, to pack your things so you won’t be bothering packing your clothes, and valuable things.” Goodness, even what she wears her parents decided it? But she can’t do anything, she closed her eyes tightly and bit her lowers lips

“Also, your father will be introducing your future partner.” What the fuck. Future partner? Even this? She clenched her fist and creased her brows

“Mother, b-but th-“ She mutter with her complaining tone

“Miyoung.” Shit, that firm and strict tone of her mother echoed to her ears which made her shut her mouth

“We are doing this for your own good. So you better get yourself ready for your future partner.” There it goes, they always say, for her own good, or is it for their own good maybe.

“Yes, Mother. Good bye.” She replied in unwillingly

“Good. And by the way Mr. Lee will pick you up later and we will be leaving at 10pm.” Then her mother ended her phone call. The heiress up down her pink iphone and massages her temples, damn, glance to the full length glass and she noticed that the day is still young and she needs to finish some of her proposal for the new project and maybe to forget that arrange relationship which maybe can lead to arrange marriage. Fuck this life.

Václav Havel Airport

“Miyoung. We will be meeting the investor and also your future partner on dinner, prepare yourself.” The commanding voice of her father whisper to her as they walk out to the crowded airport, well the media surrounds them of course, damn that camera flashes and she felt suffocation. She fixes her Ray ban sunglasses, she wears navy blue patterned long-sleeves polo under a thick black unzip trench coat, tight high waist jeans and high boots, she clutches her pink purse

“Be ready at 5:30. Mr. Lee will pick you up to the hotel.” Well, she’s kinda immune to it and she, and nodded her head forcedly.

After that goddamn boring travel and her thumbs burn up as she keeps on scrolling down her Instagram on her iphone they finally made to their hotel. Before she got out to their luxurious limousine

“Miyoung, let Ms. Choi, guide you to your room, we need to have some meeting with the investor.” Her father said

“Yes, Father.” She replied, and as the chauffeur opens the door. She felt a grab to her wrist and look to her mother who grab her wrist with a questioning look

“Miyoung, wear your best later, because we will be introducing you to your future spouse.” Damn it, she thought this, damn this status, damn this marriage arrangement, she wanted a partner whom she love, not whom her parents choose for her. What if her husband looks so old, or ugly or wants only her body or his character is abusive, or what if he is just using her family’s name and wealth? All the negative notation to an arrange marriage. She wanted to cry but she can’t,

“Y-Yes, mother.” Damn this, then she quickly got out the limousine and she quickly get inside to the hotel because she can’t take it, she can feel her tears will soon to fall to her eyes,

“Ms. Tiffany, let me bring you to your room.” Thank goodness, that’s the name that she wanted to hear, her American name, Tiffany, well she’s Stephanie but for short it’s Tiffany. Her tall slender woman, who has a shoulder length orange blonde hair, wearing a formal suit with the colors of black and white. Tiffany nodded and follow her personal assistant Choi Sooyoung. They reach her room and Sooyoung opens the door for her.

“I’ll excuse myself Ms. Tiffany, if you need some help just let me know if you need it.” Sooyoung politely said and she made a bow

“I’ll be fine now Sooyoung. Thank you. You can leave now.” Tiffany replied and she noticed room is good for two persons. Tiffany traveled her eyes as she observes the modern looking room with a king-size bed, an entertainment area, a Jacuzzi just beside on the high ceiling glass which can witness the skyline of the Prague, and she notice that the sun is almost setting. She grabs her phone to check the time and it’s already 4pm and still have an hour and a half to make herself calm. She walks to the bathroom and she saw a bathtub good for two persons?

Damn wait- as she notices something odd to this room but she shrugs it off and keep on noticing that even the toiletries are good for two persons. But for now, she’s too exhausted to over think things. So continue to checked her huge room and walk to her closet, then as she opens her closet then she sees her unfamiliar clothes, as usual her parents will not literally pack her used clothes in her room, but again another new stock of brand new branded clothes, this always happens every time they travel out of town or country. Tiffany released sigh of defeat.

Tiffany remove her coat leaving her top and bottom clothes, she unbuttoned her navy blue patterned long-sleeves and her pink push up bra revealed and her silky white valleys as she removes her tops, her curves are on the right places and begin to unbutton her high waist tight jeans and her high boots. And place it properly to the laundry bin. Revealing her pink partnered panties to her push up bra. Well she loves pink.

She grabs the long-sleeve collared polo and she wear it covering her pink bra, she buttons it carefully. Then she grabs the high waist blue patterned skirt and she wears it and it drapes to her silky white tone legs and cover her pink panties as she tucks her tops. She hooks and zips the skirt and adjusted it properly. Then she grabs the navy blue long blazer and wears it. Tiffany walks to the full-length mirror as she sees the reflection of herself, she’s seeing herself as the heiress, not the Tiffany Hwang that she knew. She fixes her brunette hair and beam a small smile, great, what an act Tiffany.

After an hour and a half, Tiffany saw their black limousine in the porte cochere of the hotel.

“Ms. Tiffany, do you need anything else?” Sooyoung followed the heiress, and the latter shook her head

“Nothing, you can just rest Sooyoung, I know you are tired from the travel too, or maybe have some tour.” Tiffany said and Sooyoung bow

“Thank you Ms. Tiffany. I’ll excuse myself.” Sooyoung said politely and with a pleasant tone. Tiffany beam her smile to the latter and she gets in to their black limousine. Tiffany gets her iphone to her pink purse. Then she just begins to scroll down her Instagram again,

30 minutes had passed, they reached the destination and the driver opens the doors for her and she got out to the limousine. Then she walks gracefully to the entrance and a staff welcome her

“Good Afternoon, Ms. Hwang,” the staff said perfectly in English, well, what would you expect she’s kinda famous thanks to their family’s bloodline. But don’t get her wrong because she hates it.

“Good Afternoon, where is the seat reservation?” She asked in the same language and the staff smile

“This way.” The staff lead the way and the heiress notices that it looks like her parents reserve the whole place because there is no costumer. They climb on the elegant circular stairs and she witness a huge table setup elegantly with a lot of expensive and delicious entrees and some bottle of expensive wines. Then her parents talking to two middle age man and woman that she believes that they are the parents of her future ‘husband’ she guesses. Then they look to her and smile

“Oh, Mr. and Mrs. Kim, looks like my daughter is here.” Her proud father said and the heiress replied the smile of the two middle age person and she bow politely

“You have a wonderful and gorgeous daughter, John.” The middle age man said and Tiffany beam her small smile, and her father motioned his hands to the chair and Tiffany sit comfortably. Then the moment she sits, she looks around and then a man with a suit appeared and Tiffany eyed the man, damn don’t tell her that this man who looks like he came from she doesn’t know where, that will be her future husband. She’s praying in mantra that this whole thing is a nightmare and she wanted to wake up.

“Mark, where is Taeyeon?” the firm tone of the middle age more like his tone is going to burst out, and it seems that this Taeyeon that he’s pertaining is a bad news. Tiffany and her parents watch the middle age man and the man’s interaction

“I’m really sorry, sir, but Ms. Taeyeon, she said that she won’t come and she don’t want to get married.” Tiffany release a sigh of relief, first that her prayers were answered because this alien-looking man is not her future husband and then her expression where change into confusion and then she heard the word marriage and a she? Don’t fucking tell her that she’s going to marry this Taeyeon? And a woman? A fucking woman? Tiffany glance to her parents

“Father, what is the meaning of this?” Tiffany asked with her agitated tone, but her father just composed himself calmly and he drink his water and eyed his daughter

“Miyoung, you’re going to marry, Mr. and Mrs. Kim’s daughter. Kim Taeyeon.” Damn, Tiffany bolted up to her sit and she slam her palms to the table, dead glaring her parents

“I’M SICK OF THIS! I DON’T WANT TO BE A HWANG ANYMORE! I’M TIRED OF BEING A PUPPET!! HAVE YOU EVER CONSIDER MY FEELINGS??!! HUH?!! YOU ALWAYS DICTATE WHAT WILL I DO, WHAT WILL I WEAR AND DAMN IT I’M TIRED OF IT!!” She outburst which made the Kim Taeyeon’s parents got shock but Tiffany’s parents choose to remain calm and her father stood up and he is not affected to his daughter’s outburst

“Stephanie, my word is final and irrevocable and you will marry Kim Corporation Heiress, whether you like it or not!” There Tiffany can’t take it her tears fall to her eyes and she can feel her lips are trembling and she shook her head and run away from them

“STEPHANIE!” The voice of her father echoed the whole restaurant but she ignores it and get out the place then as soon as she reaches outside, her driver immediately opens her door for her and Tiffany wipes her tears

“D-Drive me back to hotel.”

“Yes, Ms. Tiffany.”

Then the driver starts to drive and her tears won’t stop and she buries her face to her palms. Damn this life, her life is so fucked up, stress, pressure, she’s so tired and exhausted. Then her parents wants her to marry a woman? Are they still in sane? Damn it this. Then she notices that the door opens and she quickly get inside the hotel and type get into elevator. She ignores the phone calls of her parents, then the moment she got out to the elevator she strides to her unit and type her passcode then it’s she heard something weird, what the fuck is that a moan? Then the heiress walks closer to the sound

“Ahh . . . ahhh . . . “

“Y-yes . . . b-baby . . . f-fuck . . . me. . . “ Damn it, Tiffany gulp her saliva and she grab something, yes an umbrella, Tiffany grip the umbrella firmly, swear, this people, who do they entered to her unit and even have sex with her unit? Her fucking unit? Fuck, Tiffany grip the door knob and open it slowly

“ahhh . . . I-I’m c-cumming . . . . “ then Tiffany sneak in and look around as she observe, and she saw a figure under her pink blanket and she hit hard

“ARGGHH!! DAMN IT!!” A voice of a woman hissed in pain and then she hit it again

“YAH! PERVERT!!!” Tiffany shouted and she witness a jet-black long hair petite woman, wearing a simple v-neck tee and grey pajamas. The baby-faced woman eyed Tiffany, more like glaring irritably

“YAH! WHAT ARE YOU DOING IN MY UNIT??!!” The two said in unison and that made them both shocked and widen their eyes and mouth agape

“WHAT?! THIS IS MY ROOM!” The two said again in unison and Tiffany throw the umbrella to the petite woman and it hit to the latter’s head

“OUCH! Y-YAH!” The woman said and she caresses her head and she get up to the bed and thanks to this woman ruining her good time, Tiffany look over to the woman and she creased her brows

“Yah! Midget where is your boyfriend?! Did you hide him? Huh?!! And you-“ Tiffany said and she walk closer to the short woman and Tiffany eyed her and she notice her sly smirk

“Boyfriend? What are you talking about?” As this woman cuts her and she said it with a mischief tone

“Yeah! I just heard your moan here and wait a sec-“ Tiffany notice the woman is not naked and smirking at her and the woman chuckled and shook her head

“Are you sure that is my moan? Huh?” then that fucking smirk which Tiffany hates now, this fucking cocky woman is going to her nerves.

“Yah! I’m sure of it!” Tiffany exclaimed and the petite woman walk closer to her with that fucking smirk and Tiffany step back and then the woman keeps on walking and Tiffany notice her back leaning now against the wall, and she can feel her heart is beating wildly

“Oh, you mean you heard this.” The petite woman shoves her iphone in front of her which made Tiffany widen her eyes as she witnesses two naked women, having sex and damn it’s a lesbian porn, not to mention a kinky porn. Tiffany mouth agape and then swear her ears and her cheeks are burning as if there is a stove cooking her cheeks and her ears. Her heart might explode, she’s too innocent with this, as a matter of fact it’s her first time saw this kind of explicit films. And she never been kiss in the whole entire life, and she thought that having sex is exclusively for man and woman.

“Oh, did I stain your innocence miss?” That cocky tone again and Tiffany punch the woman but the woman didn’t bulge and she got shock to the strength of the woman she swears that her strength is no joke

“Or is it your first time to see two women having sex?” damn this midget! Tiffany get frustrated and she dead glares the smirking cocky woman in front of her crossing her arms and swear if she said that it’s her first time then that’s it, she lost to this midget, Tiffany composed herself and roll her eyes

“O-Of course not, a-as a matter of fact, i-it d-doesn’t affect me . . . at all!” Tiffany said and she roll her eyes and again she heard a chuckle beside heard and Tiffany glance the midget

“Then if not, then you won’t mind to have sex with me?” Fuck, Tiffany widen her eyes and dead glares her

“YAH! YOU PERVERT!” Tiffany was about to throw some random things but the midget’s quick reflexes grabs the wrist and then the latter struggle but her strength is no joke

“So are you still . . . . virgin?” That’s it, Tiffany glared her and she was about to slap her cheeks but damn the midget spider senses, Tiffany was shocked that the petite woman lean and their lips touch. Tiffany widen her eyes as this midget stole her first kiss, second her lips, is so soft. She felt good but she needs to be pissed but she can’t. Tiffany can feel that the woman released her wrists and puts it to her waist and she felt the midget caresses her waist as she is being push to the wall and then Tiffany can feel her back leaning more to the wall. Then Tiffany still not responding to the kiss because damn she doesn’t know how to, but the woman tilts her head to parted her lips, Tiffany is speechless shock and fluttered too. This woman is good, well, why would she said it? She even never experienced to be kissed. Then the woman sucks her lower lips

“hmm. . . “ fuck, Tiffany moan and the midget broke the kiss but her face still in her proximity

“You are so gorgeous. And your lips are so delicious. . “ The petite woman said and lick her lips and she continue to caress Tiffany’s waist and Tiffany can see the woman still darting her eyes to her lips, she should be angry but why is she feeling fluttered? Then the petite woman leans to peck her lips

“I bet you tastes delicious too. Can I?” The petite woman said and swear why Tiffany’s body can’t oppose and then she nodded and fuck, this she should not be doing it to a woman, and more like a stranger! And she felt the latter cup her cheeks and leans to her lips but before it touches

“Just follow my lead, princess.” The petite woman said, damn how come this woman is gorgeous at the same time handsome? Then Tiffany tilt her head as the woman deepen her kiss, the latter nibble her lower lips and parted it and she felt her tongue slide inside her mouth and twist it to her tongue,

“hmm . . “ she moan and Tiffany felt the petite woman grab her wrist and she guide it to wrap around the neck of the petite woman, Tiffany gladly wraps it and she grip the white v-neck tee of the petite woman as the woman devours hungrily her lips and the woman pinned her to the wall, and she felt the woman pushing her petite body to against her Tiffany grip the latter’s tee tightly and the woman tilts her head to the other and suck her lips

“hmm . .  ahh. . “ Tiffany moan and the latter trail kisses to her cheeks and traces her jawline, Tiffany felt the hand of the latter cup the back of her head and she carefully tilt the head of Tiffany and Tiffany adjust her head to give the latter access to her neck.

“ahhh . . . . “ she moan, and then latter suck and lick her neck and then she felt the latter release slightly and kiss her neck gently

“I love your moan.” The latter said and that made Tiffany widen her eyes and that love word made her fist clench to the latter’s tee.

“Don’t be tensed princess, I’ll be gently okay?” that caring tone is much better, and swear she never felt this, Tiffany is so confused and she looks like she is captivated with the charms of the latter. Tiffany closed her eyes and she felt that the latter cup her cheeks again and caresses it carefully, like a fragile glass.

“Don’t worry, it’s my first time too.” That statement made Tiffany look to the latter in shock, the latter chuckles

“Hey, it’s not like that I watch porn means I’m not virgin, right?” That cocky tone again and Tiffany pounced her knuckles to the back of the latter

“Yah! Hm, you talk about this as if they are just normal things to do.” Tiffany said in embarrassment and the latter laugh in her ahjummah laugh and Tiffany laugh at the latter’s laugh

“Wow, you have a gorgeous eye-smile,” the petite woman mutter in amazed tone and Tiffany chuckles

“Well, you have a funny ahjummah laugh though.” Tiffany joke and the latter chuckles and beam her chin dimple smile

“And you have cute chin dimple smile.” Tiffany added and the petite woman grin proudly and she lower her body and lift Tiffany in bridal style, Tiffany squeal and she grip tightly around the neck of the latter.

“I’ll make you feel good, my princess.” The petite woman said and Tiffany blushed and bury her head to the crook of the latter and swear this woman is so strong at the same time she never fails make her feelings with mixed emotions. The woman put her down to the king-size bed carefully and making Tiffany sit to the edge of the bed. The petite woman bends down and unstrap the hills of Tiffany, she blushed to the latter, as she is treated as if she’s a princess

“Hm, w-what d-do you mean that it’s your first time? D-don’t you have a boyfriend? Or hm-“ Tiffany carefully said and she is hesitated to said the other word and the petite woman eyed her and smirk, okay, the caring one is much better than this,

“Well, if you still think that I’m into men, then I should not be watching lesbian porns and also, I won’t be asking to have sex with you.” The woman said as she looks with her intimate gaze which made Tiffany blushed and embarrassed at the same time. Damn it, why this woman is so straightforward without getting embarrassed.

“Y-Yah.” Tiffany shyly mutters and the latter chuckles, then she felt a moist to her shin and Tiffany got shock and she the petite woman kiss her shin and she blushed harder and she hit the woman

“Y-Yah, w-what are you doing?” Tiffany scolded the midget and the latter respond a grin

“I want to taste every inch of your body, my princess.” That made Tiffany really embarrassed she’s not used to it. But she doesn’t even get herself why she let this woman to get intimate with her, in the first place what this woman doing in this room, her room.

“Wait, what are you doing here in my room in the first place and how did you manage to get in here?” Tiffany crosses her arms eyeing the petite woman

“Well, it’s really my room though,” The petite woman shrugs off and Tiffany replied a straight face to the latter and the latter sigh and she put her hands to her pocket and she show to Tiffany her key card. Tiffany widens her eye that she midget tells that truth and she sigh, but how come that they even double this room’s key? Tiffany look to the latter and she doesn’t get why she can’t resist this woman. She just release a sigh for the nth time.

“So can I continue now?” The petite woman asked motioned her hands and the heiress lower her head and she is damn embarrassed,

“yeah. . “ she mutters shyly as she grip the mattress tightly, then she felt a caress to her shin and her calf carefully then she felt a moist again to her shin and it goes upwards. Tiffany tightly closes her eyes and she grip tightly the mattress, biting her lower lips

“Don’t suppress it honey,” Tiffany obeys

“nggghmmm . . . hmmmm” she moans as the gentle lips of the latter is giving her wet kisses and gentle caresses.

Then the petite woman stood up and she remove the navy blue blazer of the latter. Tiffany felt that the latter is staring at her intensely and she felt a cold and soft hand to her chin and she lift up her head and catch her lips for a chase kiss

“Just go with the flow okay?” Then the woman started to unbutton the white long-sleeve polo of Tiffany and the latter notice that Tiffany is griping the mattress tightly so she guided the Heiress arms and wrap it around her waist

“Baby, don’t worry you’ll feel good later.” Fuck, Tiffany felt that her heart is exploding like bomb and she felt a moist in her forehead, damn this woman is making her feel good to her sweet kisses. Tiffany grip again the simple tee of the latter as she felt a cold air drapes to her silky white skin as she is now half naked in front of the latter

“Wow. . . so beautiful.” Then she felt a caresses to her bare waist which Tiffany jump out,

“Honey, I’ll be gentle. . . I won’t hurt you okay?” Her soothing voice makes the Heiress calm, then she felt a hands cupping her clothe mounds and Tiffany grip the latter’s tee tighter and she felt her toes curls

“ahhhh . . . “ that gentle caresses makes her moan and she felt the latter is slowly pushing her down and then she felt the soft mattress land to her bare back. She still closing her eyes because she is afraid to look to the latter because she might not take it, because her gentle caresses make her cardiac arrest

“ahh . . . ahhh . . . “ the latter’s hands travel in every inch of her half naked body and she felt a lightweight beside her hips which means the latter is straddling her while her hands is busy memorizing every curves of her body, then a moist traveling to her neck going down to her valley

“Hmm . . . hmmm . . . “ she moan as the hands caressing her waist, in a circular motion, she felt her core is throbbing and her legs adjusts in pleasure as the latter reach the hook of her pink bra and she felt that the latter unhook it, she gasps as she felt that her bra is completely remove

“Gorgeous. Beautiful. Sexy. Stunning.” Tiffany curl her lips in smile at the same time she felt shy but this woman is really charming and sweet. Then a hand caresses her bare mounds

“ahhh . . . hmmmm . .  .” Tiffany bit her lower lips in pleasure, it’s her first time someone caressing her mounds none other than hers. Then a moist touch to her nipples, god, she felt her nipples suck by the latter while she fiddles the other using her fingers, twisting, pulling and pressing it gently

“ahhh . . . ahhh . . . nghhhmm . . . “ damn it how come this woman said that it is her first time, she knows how to do this, she knows what’s she’ll do next too.

“ahhh . . . ahhh . . . .” she felt her nipples suck harder and harder, her body felt pleasure and she can felt her reflexes is grinding against to the latter’s clothe body and the she didn’t notice that her hands slip under the simple tee and she heard the latter groan in pleasure

“Y-Yes, just keep doing what you are doing baby.” Then Tiffany obey the latter and she can feel the muscular back of the latter, damn is she working out or something? Tiffany slowly open her eyes and she witness the head crown of the latter as she sucks and licks her nipples while fiddling the other. Then she felt liquid flowing to her vulva and she felt her panties is damped. Her hands continue to trace the muscular back of the petite woman and groan and her moan echoes the room

“Remove my shirt, baby,” Tiffany obeyed as the latter sit up properly and she also sit up and the latter guide her, Tiffany can feel her heart beat is pumping irregularly. Tiffany felt her hands trembling and then she felt a hand caressing her knuckles and the latter kiss it while her loving eyes is looking directly to her

“Don’t be nervous baby.” Tiffany nodded and the latter guide her hands to the hem of her white simple v-neck tee and Tiffany slowly remove the latter’s shirt revealing her black binders and her tone yummy abs. Tiffany mouth agape and she gulp her saliva

“hm, a-are . . . y-you gay?” Tiffany mutter as she places her hands to the latter’s tone abs and caresses it carefully, the latter groan in pleasure and she smirk

“Hm, hmmm . . . i-is stil –hmmm- not obvious, yes, keep what you are doing baby . . . “ Then Tiffany felt the latter scoot closer and she grab her waist and pull her naked body closer to the half-naked body of the latter and their lips crashed, the kiss this time is more hotter and steamy, she left the latter sucking her whole lips gently but with passion while she explore her curves and she felt the latter reached her butt and squeezing it gently

“hhmmm ..” she moan in her mouth, and her arms wrap around to the petite torso of the latter and caressing her tone back and going back to her tone abs. Moans, groans and sloppy sounds are echoing the room, then the latter push her body laying down to the bed again and the latter release the kiss, they are both panting and catching their breath, this is her best steamy kiss ever.

She would never wish to be kissed by others unless it’s from this gorgeously handsome woman in front of her. Tiffany can see the lust to the latter’s onyx orbs as she felt the latter unzip her high waist patterned skirt and she remove it revealing her pink damp panty and the latter throw her skirt mindlessly. Tiffany witnesses the latter crawl down to her south and breath in

“What a sweet fragrance.” Then Tiffany felt shy and damn her heart is now pumping up like crazy, her heart wants to come out from her chest. Then she felt her panty sliding down and a sticky feeling stick out from her core and her panty.

“Wow, baby you are so wet.” Then the latter slide her index finger to her slits

“ahhhh . . . f-fuck . . . “ Tiffany felt her toes curls and she grip the mattress tightly as closes her eyes tightly, then the latter circling her thumb to her clits

“Ahhh . . . ahhh . . . hmmmm . . . g-godd. . . “ Tiffany moan and bit her lips her heart beat is running in marathon, then the latter is sliding her fingers gently to her wet slit and playing it carefully and then she felt a moist to her core and the latter’s tongue lapping her wet core

“ahhhh . . . ahhh . . . “

“You’re delicious baby.” Then Tiffany arched her back as the latter continue to lap her core

“I’m going in baby. it is going to be painful, but don’t worry you’ll feel good later.” She felt an intrusion to her holes slowly. Tiffany wrinkled her brows biting her lips to prevent her scream

“HMMM. . . “ Tiffany whimper then she felt a caress to her thighs, it’s too gentle and it eases the pain of the intruder to her core. Then she felt the knuckles bump to the walls of her core.

“ahhh . . . “ Tiffany release her breath and she continue catching her breathe then the latter, pulling out slowly and push it again. It’s painful, she hissed in pain and grip the mattress as if she’s going to rip it apart. Then she bit lower lips, fuck it hurts.

“ngggghhmm . . . ahhh . . . ahhhhh “ then a thrust in and out slowly as the latter adjusting her holes,

“AHHH  . . . F-FUCK!” Tiffany scream and the latter caresses her thighs

“shh . . . it’ll feel good latter okay babe?” then Tiffany bit her lower lips and close her eyes tightly and then the latter’s finger pumping in and out and the sound become sloppier and she felt her walls are tightening and a liquid from her vagina is going to release anytime soon

“Ahhh . . . ahhh . . .ahhhh . . .” she moans and god, it felt good, but it’s beyond good, it’s great. Then she wraps her legs to the latter’s hips and pouncing her body adjoining the rhythm of the latter

“yes, baby moan more. And fuck my hands more. Harder baby. you are doing great honey.” Then she obeys and they faster their pace, syncing and pouncing in and out then her inner walls tighten

“Cum for me baby, just let it go.” Then the Heiress came, and she felt a sting to her core the moment the latter’s fingers stop. She catches her breath

“Baby, I’ll do it again okay? But this time this will going to be more painful. But swear you will feel good after okay?” Tiffany nodded weakly, she felt her strength is drain already, is this how, two woman having sex? But she done nothing, only the petite woman is doing her. Does she making her feel good too?

“I’m going in again okay?” Then two fingers intrude her holes

“AHHHHH!! GODDAMNI-” She curses and the latter crawl up to her and she crashed her lips kissing her with full of compassion and also shutting her scream, it feels great as the latter thrusting her two fingers in and out, she felt something ripped inside her and it’s painful, but thanks to the kiss that the latter is giving as she pumps her fingers inside her and she moans inside the latter’s mouth.

Damn it’s true, it hurts at first but it feels great and she wanted more and more. Tiffany grin her body as she follows the rhythm, her mounds grinding to the toned body of the latter. Damn it feels great, then she felt the latter pump her fingers faster as the familiar liquid came out again then they both panting but the Heiress pant more

“Look I just popped your cherries” Damn, it means that she claims her virginity, but the most shocking is that the Heiress is not angry, and she is glad that this woman just claims her, is it because the petite woman did a good job? Or is she falling for her.

“Now, I want you to make me feel great too, just follow my lead okay?” Tiffany nodded weakly she can’t utter words, then the latter stood up and she remove her gray pajamas revealing her black boxers, Tiffany ogle the latter’s tone body and then she watches the latter strip her binder and her boxer, which the latter reveal her naked tone body. Tiffany mouth agape

“You like what you see?” that cocky tone again and Tiffany roll her eyes, well she can’t deny that this woman has sex appeals and her tone body is just a bonus,

“Let’s make love for our first time, baby,” then that made Tiffany blushed, well this means that their feelings are mutual? Well but it’s too early to assume, because this woman is a charmer which no one can be able to resist. Then petite woman crawl above her and she grab the right hand of Tiffany as she’s straddling the latter and she lean to the ears of Tiffany

“Finger fuck me baby.” then the latter forceful insert Tiffany’s two fingers in her tight holes

“ARGHHHH!” the latter groan in pain and she grip the mattress tightly which made Tiffany worried and she quickly retracted her hands away but the fast reflex of the latter stops her from doing it so

“But you are hurting-“

“I’m fine okay? Don’t worry baby.” Tiffany bit her lower lips and she nodded and she insert her finger

“Insert two baby.” Tiffany hesitated but the latter guide her fingers and she insert it by herself and Tiffany observe the facial expression of the latter as she bit her lips and closing her eyes tightly

“Baby fuck me.” Tiffany thrust her fingers in and out carefully, and damn, she’s so wet, and tight.

“F-Faster ahhh . . .” Tiffany swear her groan is so hot and sexy, and she obey the latter and then she felt a fingers intrudes her hole again and they are both finger fucking each other. There Tiffany felt the holes of the latter expand and something ripped inside, so this is the cherry? Did she popped this petite woman’s cherries too.

“Ahhh . . .ahhh . . “

“Y-Yes. . . f-faster . . . “

“hmmm . . . “

Whimpers, moans, groans and sloppy sound echoes the whole room as they pounced their body following each other’s rhythm,

“I-I’m c-cumming baby . . . f-faster.”

“m-me. . . too.”

They both thrust their fingers in and out faster and hitting each other’s g-spot and they felt their toes curls and arching their back as their walls tighten and they both came, all the juices with the mixture of blood stained the mattress. They are both panting, catching their breath. The petite woman wraps her arms around Tiffany and she chase kiss her plump lips lovingly

“Did it feel good baby?” The latter peck her lips again

“No. . . you did great.” Tiffany replied and beam her eye-smile, and she glows, and blooms with the aura of after-sex. Then the latter grin proudly and cup her cheeks, Tiffany look to the latter’s onyx orb, it feels like she’s captivated again and she is hypnotizing by the latter’s charm, more like she’s drunk to her gaze

“Hm, but we don’t know each other yet.” The latter chuckled

“Well I know you already. We just saw and taste each other’s naked body.” the petite woman replied and Tiffany shook her head

“I-I mean; w-we don’t know our names y-yet.” The latter beam her chin dimples smile

“I’m Taeyeon, Kim Taeyeon.” That made Tiffany suddenly felt a familiarity to that name, Kim Taeyeon, then Tiffany widen her eyes, and suddenly remember that this woman is her future ‘husband’ and her fiancé, and maybe that’s the reason why they have the same room, because her parents planned it already.

Figure of imagination

“I don’t love her anymore! Please believe in me.”

That’s the last statement I heard from her which still keeps ringing to my head, I felt my soul was taken away from my body, I didn’t notice my feet is already running away from that hospital, and my vision got blurry due to my endless tears,

It’s too late. . . .

It’s my fault. I didn’t notice that I already reach my car and driving to no particular place, I feel my body is just moving on its own accord, steering the wheels of my car, I even didn’t mind the street, if it’s not late night, I might have got accident, luckily there is no cars passing through, because I am driving to the opposite traffic flow, gripping the steering wheel harder, until it turn white. Then I just notice a sea side, I pull my car into curb, and get out to have some fresh air, there are just few lights, it’s really dark, I don’t give a fuck. I palm my face and I’m tired from crying, I can’t feel any tears coming out from my eyes.

It should be me that is around your arms, like a puzzle piece perfectly fitting together, it should be me that kisses your lips and kisses mine, it should be me the reason behind those sweet and gentle smile, it should be me that holds your hand, it should be-

“Why regrets always experience when it is already done?” I startled from where I was standing and I saw a tall woman with her light brown hair is up to her jawline and she is wearing a simple white tee, and some white skinny jeans, propping her chin with her hands as her elbows resting on the metal railings, is she some sort of guardian angel or something? And did she just read my mind?! I am popping my eyes and hanging my mouth open, in horror of course,

“Should not be afraid of me actually” Holy shit! How in the world?

“If you are wo-“ And I literally let out my scream this woman or a ghost probably makes me shiver and I literally run my butt away from her, I suddenly felt that I just manage to escape from that creepy woman, I am catching my breath while leaning on some random tree trunk, and damn running in heels are hard as fuck! I bend and reaching my knees, still panting

“Well, I think you should not run away with your heels or else it might strain your calves and sprain your ankles,” Jesus! I jump scare as I was about to stumble on the ground but she caught me, well that means she’s not a ghost, but how? How did she manage to catch me up?

“W-What a-are you?” I just mutter in shock and she help me to stand properly and fixes my clothes.

“I’m no body.” What?

“Your mind shouted that you just needed me so you created me” This woman is not making any sense at all.

“In short I’m just your figment of imagination.” I’m speechless, is this the sign that I’m hallucinating, am I going crazy? Well thanks to her for making me feel like this, but it is my fault also, but she shouldn’t give me false hope, she should tell me from the start that it’s impossible now to fix everything, I’m really devastated, I felt my heart got ripped out of my chest, it’s too much, and I felt a warm hand wiping my cheeks, I got flustered, her eyes, her hazel gaze is so warm, even though she’s just what she called, my figment of imagination, I felt her being.

“Crying is fine; it releases all the negative emotions out from your body. But seeing you crying and broken like this, I felt, something inside me even I’m just a figment of your imagination, I felt unhappy.” She said and she give me a warm hug and caressing my back, her body is so warm, I felt love, I grip her clothes as I bury my face at her chest, her intoxicating sweet scent penetrates my nose, her gentle caresses makes me feel better.

For a moment, I suddenly forget about her, about her being with someone right now, for tasting my own medicine, it’s partially my fault for being an idiot, and coward, she tried her best to win me, but I pushed her away, I pushed her away to the point that I won’t be able to retrieve her back. Ever again. 
Even though in the first place she’s never been mine, but I just let go the opportunity which I can have her and she can have me. I run away from our dorm, because we are living together, as a matter of fact she’s my roommate,

a minutes later, I heard my phone is ringing, I release the hug and she smile to me, and I felt my cheeks are burning, her smile is too sweet, I just look away because I can’t look at her for long, damn why I’m so affected this much to the woman, well if she’s a person, that I just met a while. I fish out iphone out of the pocket of my skinny jeans,

Sunny calling . . .

I just release a sigh and staring to my phone, and I’m contemplating if I’m going to answer it, well, Sunny is my good friend and she’s also the friend of her, I just watch and feeling my phone vibrating,

“You know they are worried.” I just happen to know which they is she referring to, I chuckled

“Are you my conscience now?” the dried tone still evident to my voice. The woman smile,

“Finally, you talk. Yeah you can think of me as that, but it is up to you it depends on your need.” I just nodded, and I saw my phone stop ringing then I didn’t notice that I have 10 missed calls, and 24 unread messages, maybe I was too focused on my thoughts a while ago. Then I saw it ringing again and it’s from Sunny again of course and I answered it

“YAH! MIYOUNG WHERE THE HELL ARE YOU?!” I hissed in pain as I retracted my phone away from my ears, I heard a chuckled from the taller woman just in front of me,

“YAH! MIYOUNG DON’T YOU DARE TO HANG UP!” I just release a sigh, even though my phone is away from my ears I can hear her shout,

“I’m with a friend.” I just said with some unsureness to my tone crisps in my voice still evident, because I’ve been crying for a week or so, I dunno, but somehow, I got a feeling that she’s also there listening,


“Sunkyu lower your voice, my friend here literally can hear you.” I just said in my tired tone cutting her because I’m not ready to hear her name, and I heard a sigh from her

“Fany, I’m serious here, where exactly are you and who’s friend?” Shit, now I have to lie,

“Hm, I-I’m with Bora.” I lied, I gotta tell Bora about this, so this midget won’t suspect, I want to be alone for now, well at least I’m not ready to face her again, I’m still hurting, and I can’t even say her name, because I might break down.

“Don’t you dare lie to me Hwang Miyoung, I just called Bora and she said that she’s not with you.” Holy shit! I can sense her threatening and dangerous tone, I gulp my saliva in nervousness, I need to think something so I can escape,

“Oh, Sunny I think I need to go now, my friend and I will go somewhere,” Sorry Sunny, but I’m not ready yet.


“MI-“ I ended the phone call and I quickly turn it off before she call again, I saw the taller woman in front of me with her remorse face, damn so she’s really my conscience now eh?

“So where are we going Miyoung?” The moment she said my Korean name, I felt a current run to my ear, even though I despise my Korean name, the moment she rolls it to her tongue, it’s different

“S-Somewhere . . . away. Away from here … away from her.” I cleared my throat and answered her with whole honesty, I believe that she already read my thoughts though. The taller woman smile, her smile with full of support.

“Okay. Let’s go.” The taller woman holds my hand, damn, her soft hands against mine, it’s really weird that my heart is beating so fast, well she might hear it

“by the way what’s your name?” The woman glance to me, but she still holding my hands securely and she smile

“I have no name, didn’t I said that I’m just a figment of your imagination? You can all me whatever you want.” I purse my lips and still I don’t get, how she can be my imagination, because I felt her real.

“Hm, I can’t think of any, hm, how about . . . “ Her height maybe somewhere in between 170 centimeters, she’s really look like a model, if she happened to be alive, she might be a famous model, or a celebrity perhaps.

“Goliath!” The woman burst in laugh, I just laugh along with her, I can’t believe it, I laugh,

“Goliath? Is it because I’m tall?” Actually yeah, that’s the reason, but she doesn’t suit the name Goliath beside it’s guy’s name. I think again

“Giant!” Well, that’s name calling though it sounded so rude, she still laughing,

“Yah, if you can just tell me your name, then we won’t be having a problem you know.” The woman just smiles and look far away as if she’s thinking

“I really don’t have a name, Miyoung, and it’s really up to you.”

“Hm, how about Gabrielle? Though it’s sounded like guy’s name again,” I just become hopeless thinking of her name for her. I just releases a sigh of defeat and I heard her chuckled and then suddenly I remembered a beautiful name, beautiful, and vibrant

“Summer” it just escapes from my mouth which me made a stop and she looks at me and I can see her smiling in satisfaction,

“I love it.” I thought she will say I love you, my cheeks are burning hot and I smile, beaming my eye-smile, I miss smiling, I’d been so gloomy for this week. The environment seems so dark, and it looks like we are on the outskirt of Seoul, it looks like we reach the boundary of a province, the ambiance is peaceful, but only the fireflies actually gives illumination, how ironic is even though Summer keeps on insisting that she’s just part of my imagination, I don’t feel scared, in spite of being alone. We reach the destination, and it seems that it’s more beautiful than the previous view, it’s a lake, only the source of light is the moon and stars, which reflecting to the water, I mouth agape,

“You like it?” Summer asked and she sit down and she patted the lawn indicating that she inviting me to seat down with her, I smile, and I suddenly felt my tears are running to my cheeks, it’s not the tears of sadness, but it’s the tears of overwhelming joy, and calmness, I suddenly completely forgot my heart broken, it feels like it heals, as I sit beside Summer who is looking to the lake, admiring the view, I found her like a noble prince, she’s gorgeously handsome, I have to admit,

“Thank you, Miyoung.” I got startled, damn I forgot that she can read my mind. I mentally scold myself, and I felt my cheeks are burning. I also look to the lake, it reflects the moonlight, it’s really beautiful

“I just got curious, are you also a human before? I mean, you know, I dunno if you are really just a figment of my imagination, but it feels like there is something else.” I started, Summer chuckled

“You over think things Miyoung-ah, but since you wanted me to be alive, you have no idea that I felt alive because of you. You even give me a name,” I still don’t understand though, is she a soul? Or really an angel, my guardian angel.

“Summer . . . .you won’t leave me right?” I sounded like so desperate but there is part of me that I don’t want her to leave, I’m scared, I’m scared that I won’t have someone like Summer to console me.

“Well summer is a season, it left but it comes back again as the time passes, and maybe as long as you keep on imagining me, I guess?” Summer smiled at me and I grab this moment I can’t contain this feeling it feels attraction, but still I want this heart to be fix but it won’t be fixing it anytime soon, it is very painful, seeing the one that you are love doesn’t loves you anymore, love is depressing and it kills you,

But love is also the one who can heal,

I glance towards Summer and she glances at me with her warm and radiating smile like a sun that is heating during summer,

“please be careful with my heart” I pounced a hug to Summer which made her shocked but well she hugs me back perfectly, I can feel her warm, maybe my warm is just flowing to hers but still, this hug makes my heart calm, and beating very calmly

I hope it will heal soon