I will love you unconditionally 02

They are both staring to each other, Taeyeon places his hands to the petite waist of Jessica while she places her hands to the clothe tone chest of Taeyeon. The blonde guy leans forward to catch her soft lips again, Jessica closes her eyes slowly, finally, Taeyeon is now hers, but is he really hers, well he said I love you to her so which means that the feelings are mutual now, then why she felt that there is something missing deep inside her heart. He is here, so near yet so far, Taeyeon gentle lips places on hers, on hers not on her. Jessica grip his shirt, while the latter pulled her body to his, closer, leaving no gap between their clothe body.

“Hmm . . .” They are tilting their heads in sync, lip locking, Taeyeon slip his tongue to her, while he licks her teeth, claim her tongue battling and twisting together. She felt the hands of Taeyeon snake inside her tank top going to her clothe mounds. The kiss is becoming more aggressive and passionate, Taeyeon leading her around the unit, bumping random things, while their lips are still attach, lapping in sync, their hands traveling and memorizing their bodies. Their groan and moan echoes her unit, as Jessica fell her back to the couch, she yelps inside the mouth of Taeyeon, while Taeyeon straddle her and he lift the hem of Jessica’s tank top.

Taeyeon deepen their kiss as he pushed his body closer to hers and slip his hands under the bra of Jessica, he cups her mounds, Jessica arch her back in pleasure as she felt the gentle massage of Taeyeon, damn their kiss became needy, as if they are depending to each other’s lips. Jessica tug the hair of Taeyeon as she interlaces her fingers to his ash blonde hair, she needs oxygen. They both release the kiss and they are panting hard, Jessica notice the orbs of Taeyeon dilates, while his hands still on her mounds carefully massaging it. Jessica rolled her eyes in pleasure, damn, she wants him more, his touch is intoxicating her, she felt herself being trap to his gentle touches.

“ahh . . . T-Tae . . . “ Jessica moan and she felt his lips wet kissing her exposed neck, she felt that Taeyeon is sucking it, damn, he’s really good, she felt pleasured as she can feel something is pooling to her south damping her panties.

“Ahhh . . .” Jessica started to snake her hands to his tone back, gently massaging his back, and she heard him groan in pleasure, Jessica is drawing shapes to his broad back,

“S-Sica. . .” Taeyeon groan and he traces her jawline with his gentle kisses, damn he felt a throb in his core, he can’t wait to taste her expensive liquor of Jessica. He felt a tug to his shirt, Taeyeon release the kiss and he let Jessica strip his top, Jessica mouth agape as she witnesses the six pack tone abs, and his tone chest. He saw her licking her lower lips, and Jessica touch his pelvic muscle gently

“Tae. . .you are so hot.” Jessica mutter which made Taeyeon smirk, he leans closer and catch her lips again, he gave her a chaste sweet kiss, the latter blushed as she felt Taeyeon lean to her right ears and he suck her earlobes, Jessica wrap her hands immediately around his torso tightly and she felt her toes curl, Taeyeon brushed her sensitive spots. Taeyeon slide his right hand down to her tone abs until he reaches her shorts waist band. Taeyeon plays her ear lobe

“Ahhh . .. hmmm . . “ Then Taeyeon unbutton her short and slide down her zipper, Taeyeon crawl to her south, while Jessica’s heart beat escalates as her body temperature is increasing. She became shy to Taeyeon and cover her face with her hands, Taeyeon notice the embarrassed Jessica and he smile

“Sica don’t be shy. . . “ Taeyeon said and he gently kisses her exposed thighs

“hmmm . . . p-please. . . b-be. . gentle . . .it’s my first . . “ Jessica mumble and Taeyeon move up and remove her hands covering her beautiful face and he leans to catch her lips

“Of course I will Sica. . . it’s . . .it’s my first too . . .” Taeyeon confesses well it’s true, because he is afraid that Tiffany will learn his condition and hate him, well it happened already so he is not afraid now, especially when he learn that Jessica accepted his condition.

“R-Really?” Jessica mutter in shock of course she’s so happy to hear it, Taeyeon chuckled

“Of course, because at first I was afraid that she will find out my condition, well, now, I’m not afraid anymore, and I don’t have any reason to be afraid of.” Taeyeon said and Jessica crashed her body in a hug

“I love you Tae. . . I really do. . .” Taeyeon suddenly felt unease, for some reason but nonetheless he loves her too

“Yeah, I love you too Sica. . . “ Taeyeon catch her lips again and they began to kiss passionately his hands slip to Jessica’s panties and he notice her gasps in between kisses, and he notice that she is so freaking wet, like him. Taeyeon smirk and travel his lips with his butterfly kisses up to her collar bone and deliberately lick it

“ahhh . . . hmmm . . .nghhhmm . . . f-fuck . . . “ Jessica rolled her eyes in pleasure, arches her back as she tangled her fingers to Taeyeon’s ash blonde hair, massaging his scalp sensually. Taeyeon slid down her panty including her short, Jessica lift her legs and wiggle it to help Taeyeon remove her shorts and panty, Taeyeon gasps to her shaved core, well she needs it shave due to her photoshoots, she can sense that Taeyeon is staring at her core which made her shy again

“Y-Yah! . . .d-don’t . . .stare . . .” Jessica blushed and covered her south with her hands. Taeyeon remove it, and he grab her hands and kisses her while he looks to her with his loving gaze

“You are so beautiful Jessica. . “ Jessica blushed the moment her full name rolls to his tongue, her heart beat is beating so fast, damn this Kim Taeyeon because he never failed to make her heart cardiac arrest.

“T-Tae. . . “ Jessica rolled his name to her tongue, Taeyeon smile and he lead her hands to his pants waist band

“Strip me, Jessica.” Taeyeon said and Jessica bit her lower lips and she started to unbuckle his belt and unbutton his pants, she saw the waist band of his briefs, and notice his bulge, well she’s dead curious what is really inside of the briefs, Taeyeon gulp his saliva, hoping that Jessica won’t be shocked, praying that Jessica is telling the truth that she doesn’t give a fuck to his condition. Jessica carefully put her fingers to his briefs waistband and she slowly slide it down and she gasps as she saw a dildo, it looks like a really dick, but it’s fake, it’s made of silicon and tied in a jockstrap, Jessica is staring at his crotch. Taeyeon studying her face, well, he’s so nervous

“S-Sica. . .I-“

“Shh . . .they are wonderful Tae. . .” Jessica hold his soft packers and feeling it, damn, he wishes that he has really a dick so he can feel the massages of Jessica to his crotch. Then Jessica pull and untie the jockstrap and it fell on the ground with his soft packers. Taeyeon mouth agape and he notice Jessica smile and lean forward to his crotch and kiss it.

“Smell’s good Tae.” Taeyeon suddenly felt his knees wobble, as Jessica slid her fingers tracing his clits

“ahhh . . . S-Sica.” Taeyeon stumble to Jessica, he supports his weight by resting his hands to the back rest of the sofa while trapping Jessica between his arms. Jessica still staring to Taeyeon’s core while she plays his wet core

“ahhh . . .nghmm . . .” Taeyeon rolled his eyes in pleasure damn, Taeyeon began to grind his hips up and down following Jessica’s rhythm.

“ahh . . .ahh . . . .S-Sica. . .  s-shit. . . “ Taeyeon groan in pleasure as Jessica began to massage his clits using her thumb in circle

“Tae. . . f-finger fuck me. . .” Taeyeon suddenly felt embarrassed but nonetheless he motioned his right hand to Jessica’s core and plays her slits.

“ahhh . . .ahhh . . .”

“hmmm . . .T-Tae. . . “

“F-Fuck . . .”

Their moans and groans echoes to the room and they are both playing each other’s core, they can feel their throbbing south and their wet cores, Taeyeon slid his index finger inside the tight holes of Jessica and Jessica gasps and she do the same, they are now thrusting their fingers with each other.

“ahh . . “

“Y-Yes. . .”

“AHHH . . . AHHHH . .. AHHH . . “ Jessica scream louder as Taeyeon insert another finger and she suddenly remove her finger inside Taeyeon and hug Taeyeon’s torso burying her finger nails to his tone back. Taeyeon groan and he thrust his fingers harder

“AHH . .AHH . .. AHHHHH . .F-FUCK. . . “

“I’M . . . NEAR. . . .FASTER. . . “ Jessica felt her walls tightens and she arches her back and her toes curls, Taeyeon faster the pace

“TAEYEON!!” Jessica scream as she cum in pool to Taeyeon fingers, Taeyeon grimaces as he releases his hands and he saw the blood with a mixture of her cum, Taeyeon smelled it, and he closes his eyes, savoring it’s good smell, he licks it and damn it taste so good, Jessica is panting hard, catching her breathe

“Tae. . . it f-feels . . .so . . great. . . “ Jessica said and she felt Taeyeon kisses her crown.

“Thank you Sica. .. “

“I love you Tae. . .”

“I love you too.”

3 months later.

Jessica and Taeyeon became officially together, and they learned that Tiffany and Nichkhun is still not official but they have a mutual understanding, they like each other but Nichkhun love her so much. Tiffany still can’t deny that she still has feelings for Taeyeon, that is why she can’t say yes to Nichkhun, well Nichkhun extend his contract to SM Couture Corp as a model and also model partner of Tiffany, they have a huge fan base, shipping them and referring their ship as KhunFany.

Tiffany still felt something’s missing, well she misses Taeyeon so much, his gentle kisses, his sweet chin dimple smile, his soothing and gentle voice, his gentle and sweet touches. Tiffany stared to the mirror as they are taking a break and she saw to the reflection, Taeyeon back hugging Jessica while Jessica is feeding him, it should be her, not her. She should be the one around Taeyeon’s arms, but it’s her fault for breaking up with him, she clenches her skirt, feeling jealous. Her heart still beating his name, damn, she should be straight, she should not fall in love to a trans sexual person, but she really loves him so much, he is perfect for her, and damn that it’s not that easy to move on, she was shocked that Taeyeon move on, but she wish that he is still not moving on. But Taeyeon has a great effect on her.

“Hey.” Nichkhun said as he handed a packed lunch in front of her, Tiffany should be feeling excited, but she felt just normal, well, she knows to herself that she likes him, yeah, like, not love. She felt guilty suddenly to Nichkhun who is trying his best to win her heart, but this Kim Taeyeon is the culprit for stealing her heart completely, she should have listen to him, she should not have dominated by her anger the moment Taeyeon revealed his sexuality.

“Thanks.” Tiffany mutters, Nichkhun suddenly felt her sadness, and he follow the gaze of Tiffany, and he saw that Tiffany is staring to Taeyeon and Jessica who is acting lovey-dovey and he clenched his fist to closes his eyes, so it’s always be Taeyeon. Nichkhun felt the anger to Taeyeon increases. It’s his fault from the start for not telling Tiffany that he is a fucking trans sexual, well that’s what they know, and they still don’t know that Taeyeon’s real condition. Jessica is only the one know about it. Tiffany and Taeyeon still not talking about their break up, and also it became a huge news for their colleagues about the TaeNy break up, they didn’t expect them to break up because they love each other so much. Some of them got angry to Nichkhun, well they are speculating that he is the third party, some of them are angry to Jessica for being such a slut and flirting with Taeyeon. Well no body in that company knows the truth, it’s only between Taeyeon and Jessica. Taeyeon somehow felt guilty and he explained that it is not Jessica’s fault. And it’s just between Taeyeon and Tiffany,

The break ended, Taeyeon grab his DSLR and he pecks the cheeks of Jessica

“See you later hon.” Taeyeon said and Jessica blushed, and her heart beat escalates

“Y-Yeah, see you later.” Jessica shyly said and she move to her studio to start her photoshoot. Taeyeon smile while he watches Jessica’s back going to her studio. Taeyeon was about to walk over to his station, he saw Tiffany shyly smiling to him, Taeyeon’s poor heart is beating wildly, damn, he should be over to Tiffany but Tiffany have a great effect on her, the moment they broke up, they started to be professional but, somewhere between his poor heart, still calling Tiffany’s name

“H-Hi, T-Tae-Tae.” Damn, he missed his pet name rolls to her tongue, Taeyeon look away to Tiffany, damn he needs to shrug off his feelings for her, correction, he has already Jessica, he has a girlfriend already. Now he is feeling guilty for this. Tiffany smirk inwardly, because she knows that Taeyeon still have feelings for her so she needs to take advantage of it.

“Hi, Tiffany-ssi.” Taeyeon composed himself and said greeted her in a very formal way, which made Tiffany frown and she felt her heart clenched as she clenched her clothes, but nonetheless she composes herself

“Hm, do . . . do you-“ Taeyeon look at her in his poker face which Tiffany taken aback

“Tiffany, if you think our relationship is still the same after we broke up, well you are wrong, and I’m going to clarify some things here.” Tiffany felt her heart shuttered into million pieces, well Taeyeon needs to act cold towards her because he doesn’t want to ruin her relationship with Jessica, second he can’t deny that he still has a thing for Tiffany, but he needs to move on and the best way is to distance himself to her so Jessica will not misunderstood them

“First, we are done. Second, I have a girlfriend and I love her so much. Third, we should not be friends, well, you can talk to me but we will talk just work related stuff, nothing more or less. I don’t want to create some issues between us, it-“ Tiffany felt anger and she can’t control her tears anymore

“YOU ARE SO UNFAIR KIM TAEYEON!” Taeyeon was taken about to the outburst of Tiffany who is crying harder in front of him, he wanted to hug her tightly and comforted her but his pride doesn’t let him, and also his status,

“WHY JESSICA CAN BE YOUR BEST FRIEND THE MOMENT WE ARE STILL TOGETHER?!! WHY I’M NOT FUCKING ALLOWED TO BE FRIENDS WITH YOU?!! WHY?!! FUCK YOU TAEYEON!! FUCK YOU!!” Tiffany outburst which made all the people around them look over to them and also Jessica, she notices that Taeyeon’s guilty expression, and she’s now heard whispers just in her proximity, Tiffany run away, well Nichkhun was about to run but someone stop him, and Jessica notices Taeyeon run over to her, she knows that Taeyeon is still in love with Tiffany, she knows it. Maybe their colleagues are right, she is the third party between them, she ruined their relationship, she didn’t even help Taeyeon to fix his relationship to Tiffany, but she stole him from her. Jessica felt guilty, but what is wrong for loving him, she loves him so much that she can’t bear to stand that Taeyeon still chasing for Tiffany. Then she felt a lone tears falling from her eyes. Then she felt some one handed her a handkerchief,

“Crying over to a none sense rumors is not worth of your tears, and it doesn’t suit you. You should smile.” A deep voice of woman said and Jessica look over to her and she notice her doe-eyes staring at her and she grin, Jessica smile and mutter thanks to the woman, well she’s also one of the staff here, they didn’t talk much but, she believes that this woman has a good heart and she felt her concern

“By the way I’m Im Yoona.” Jessica was taken about to the wink of Yoona and she suddenly felt flustered and she notice her extending her hands to her

“I-I’m Jessica Jung. .” Yoona giggle in a teasing tone

“Yeah I know; you are quite famous you know.” Jessica felt embarrassed and damn this Yoona’s teasing way makes her problem flushed down. Thankfully she meets an easy going person which made her forgot her problems.

Taeyeon grab the wrist of Tiffany and they are now in the middle of nowhere chasing her is a tough way to deal with, Tiffany runs like a wind. They both stop their tracks catching their breaths, Tiffany swatted his grip but Taeyeon grips tighter

“Fany . . .” great, now, he calls her with her nickname, she misses it but her pride is consuming her. And she keeps on struggling to the grip of Taeyeon,

“Taeyeon, if you don’t release me I’ll shout here that you are a rapist!” Tiffany exclaimed,

“If I release you don’t run, okay? Please just let me explain,” Taeyeon pleaded

“What? We are done right? And I hate you so much,”

“I still love you, and for what I’d said a while, I’m sorry, ,it’s just that. . . I have a-“ Tiffany felt her heart escalates but suddenly felt a clenched

“A girlfriend, I know, Kim Taeyeon, I fucking know! So you don’t have to emphasize that you have a fucking girlfriend because it damn too hurts!! I hate you Kim Taeyeon!” Tiffany outbursts and she began to cry harder and Taeyeon crashed his body to her while Tiffany is struggling and punching his chest

“Let me go!” Taeyeon hugs her tightly, burying his face to her crook,

“I love you Fany-ah. . . I’m sorry. . . but . . .I love her too . . .” Tiffany scoff and she pushes him away, glaring at him

“I don’t love you Taeyeon, you are disgusting, and I don’t swing that way!” Taeyeon smirk and shook his head

“You sure you don’t love me? Then why are you acting like this huh?!” Taeyeon mock and he walk closer to her cornering her, he saw the unease face of Tiffany and he saw her blushing, she can’t look directly to his eyes

“Y-Yah, T-Tae. . .w-what are you doing?” Tiffany felt his hands cup her cheeks and he directed gaze to him

“Fany, listen to me.” Taeyeon said in almost a commanding tone, Tiffany don’t have a choice but to obey him, she felt her legs wobbling

“I’m not gay, okay. . .  my condition is . . .complicated, I’m an intersex person Fany-ah. . .” Tiffany widen her eyes as she mouth agape, she can’t believe that kind of condition really exists, she thought that it is fictional but it’s not.

“My parents, thought about me as a female, well because when I was born I have a female genital, that’s the reason why my name is feminine sounding.” Tiffany look to his onyx orbs and she can tell that this guy telling her the truth, she is now guilty for jumping to wrong conclusions which ruined their relationship.

“Then when I reached puberty, my body started to acted weird because I didn’t grow mounds like the woman should have, my muscle amount is much higher than my fat content even though I’m not working out, and my bone structures are similar to males, I grew my adam’s apple, and excessive hairs like to men. My voice is not really female sounding. So my parents brought me to a specialist, and they found out that I’m an intersex.” Taeyeon explained then he saw the tears falling down from the eyes of Tiffany,

“Don’t cry, I’m really sorry. . .I’m really sorry for not telling you this from the start.” Tiffany crashed her body to him and she hug him tighter

“I-I’m . . . I’m s-sorry Tae-Tae. . .I’m r-really really . . .s-sorry.” Taeyeon smiled and he rub her back in comforting manner

“It’s okay now Fany-ah. . .” Tiffany grip to his clothes tighter

“I’m r-really s-stupid. . .I’m so stupid to let you go . . . I-“

“shh, you are not okay, well it’s my fault for not telling you this . . .I’m sorry. . “

“I-I . . .I still love you Tae. . . I really do, I felt betrayed the moment you revealed your secret, I thought that you are a trans sexual, then my anger . . .my anger consumed me. . .that’s why I pushed you away. . .” Taeyeon caresses her hair and comforting her

“It’s okay, well maybe I might have reacted the same as you, you know.” Taeyeon chuckled. Tiffany release a sigh and she caresses his back, she misses his warmth

“I miss you so much Tae-Tae. . “ Taeyeon smile and he kissed her head crown

“I miss you too Fany-ah. . .but you know that I have a-“

“Yeah girlfriend!” Tiffany face Taeyeon and she puff her cheeks in a cute way, he giggles to her cute jealous action.

“But I love her so much too, but you still have a special place deep inside my heart which no one can replace.” Tiffany face him and she closes her eyes

“Tae, I will wait. . . please let me love you . . . I will keep on holding you,” Taeyeon caresses her cheeks and lean forward to kiss her forehead

“Of course Fany-ah, just wait for me okay, it’s just that I need to sort out my feelings. . . “ Tiffany nodded and she hug him for the last time, it’s not a good bye hug, but see you later hug.

“Thanks Fany-ah, thanks for understanding. . “ Tiffany tighten her hug

“Thank you too Tae-Tae. . . I love you.” Tiffany said and she mumble the last sentence but Taeyeon heard it and he smile genuinely

“Just wait for me. . . “


I will love you unconditionally 01


“Move your right hand a little closer to your forearm.” The brunette curly hair which is perfectly salon, her right eyes is covered slightly with her bangs wearing a see through floral patterned cardigan, black crop top inside, patterned skirt sitting on the pink blanket which her left shin is below her right thighs, sitting side-ways. Move her right hand a little closer to her left forearm which is resting perfectly on her knees, her hazel orbs look directly to the camera lens, surrounded by lights and some floral decoration acting as the background.


“Okay, good. Then smile a little please.” The model obeys, as she curls her corner lips with her little smile. Then her gaze suddenly followed to a petite ash blonde guy wearing a black over-sized sweaters and cargo ripped jeans and a pair of sneakers holding his camera and he is pointing its lens at her and series of snapshots of the camera and the continues flashing of lights within her proximity. The model keeps on her poses, then the ash blonde guy hangs his DSLR to his neck and beam his cute chin dimple smile and a charming wink to the model, which made the model blushed


“Yah! Taeyeon-ssi!” The main photographer scolded the ash blonde hair guy named Taeyeon, which the latter scratch his nape and bow his head slightly with apology. Kim Taeyeon is working in SM Couture Corp as a professional photographer and the model that is now doing the photoshoot for the next promotional magazine is his girlfriend, named Tiffany Hwang.


“I’m sorry, Mr. Park.” Taeyeon mutter and he awkwardly smile and glances over to his lover and he saw her beams her eye-smile and she giggle.


“Aish* okay we need to take a break.” Mr. Park said, heck, Tiffany is being on the shoot since 4 hours ago, and Taeyeon as a careful and loving boyfriend made a move to distract to shoot so that the main photographer will call for a break, Tiffany was about to stand up and she felt a familiar hand to her forearm and he guide her to stand which this simple gesture made her blushed.


“Baby, come on let’s eat.” Taeyeon said to his lover and he wrap his protective arms to Tiffany’s waist and pull her body closer to him. They are about the same in height, and since Tiffany is wearing a heels, she is slightly taller than Taeyeon. She felt a caresses to her waist


“Babe, don’t do it again, I mean earlier, that you distract me.” Tiffany mutter, as they continue to walk, Taeyeon glance and chuckle and peck her cheeks


“Baby you look tired, I can see it through your face, and you are hungry too.” Well, her boyfriend hit the bull’s eye, but of course she loves her job and it is her passion. Thankfully that her relationship with Taeyeon is not against to the company, well they need to be discreet due to avoid some issues in her fans. So if they are in the public, Tiffany needs to wear some disguise and lower the public display of affection with Taeyeon. Of course his boyfriend is very understanding and she’s glad to have him.


“You really are something, Kim Taeyeon.” Taeyeon grin sheepishly and Tiffany chuckled to her dork boyfriend, his baby face always mistaken him as a college student or much worst is a high school student. But she doesn’t mind because she loves him so much,


“Taengoo?” An angelic and melodic voice made the couple look to her, and Taeyeon beam his excited shocked face, which made Tiffany suddenly felt clench to her heart. She saw how Taeyeon got excited to this ash brown wavy hair which is perfectly salon, wearing a daring navy blue dress which hugging her perfect curves. Damn and this woman is gifted to her chest department which made her insecure and Tiffany possessively grab the hands of Taeyeon and she interlace it with her hand, his goddamn hot best friend makes her feel like this.


“Aigoo~ Sica are you done with your shoot now?” Taeyeon massages the knuckles of Tiffany using his thumb, his best friend secretly glances to their interlace hands and she clench her jaws, damn this man in front of her that she secretly love for almost 10 years, yes freaking 10 years, and she never attempt to be in a relationship, which her midget best friend keeps on bugging her to have a boyfriend because she’s wasting her beauty, and of course her heart is the one who blame, which was already stolen by her best friend named Kim Taeyeon. And she even gives him some hints but this midget is really crazily in love with Tiffany Hwang before he got his job here. Tiffany is quite famous model same as her but, her best friend never notices her advances to him, and for the 10 years of friendship, Taeyeon just see her as his best friend. The moment her best friend got this job 5 years ago, he courted Tiffany for a few months, well the woman rejected him for 3 times, she even told him that he should move on.

But her midget best friend was very persistent to have Tiffany Hwang as his girlfriend. Then after a few months, Taeyeon and Tiffany became officially together, that made her world stumble and her heart was pierced with a million knives that time. But then she treasured their friendship, she loves him, but he loves her, what a fucked up situation. She looks to the couple with a composed and calm face, hiding her jealousy, damn this Tiffany Hwang, she’s so lucky to have Taeyeon as her boyfriend.


“Hm, yes Taengo.” Tiffany always cringed every time this bitch, saying his pet name in a fucking shy tone, and that sweet gazes to her boyfriend, yes for her goddamn’s sake boyfriend. But lucky her that her boyfriend is crazily in love with her, and she will not let anyone to steal her boyfriend.


“Oh, you wanna join us to grab something to eat?” Tiffany grip the hands of Taeyeon tightly and Taeyeon glances to her with a concern look


“Are you okay baby?” Taeyeon faces her lover and Tiffany just beam her eye-smile and mutter okay to him, this made his best friend look away, because damn it’s too painful that the one that you love is with somebody else.


“Taengo, it’s . . .o-okay, I-I. . .I-I think, I need to go somewhere.” Her cracked voice of her best friend made also Taeyeon worried to her.


“Hey Sica you okay?”


“Yes, I’m fine don’t worry, and please enjoy your lunch with Tiffany.” Her best friend excused and she bid a good bye to the couple and accidently met her gaze to Tiffany which dead glaring her, well she’s not affected, this cold war started ever since Taeyeon and Tiffany dated, but Taeyeon is too dense to notice this cold war. Tiffany is slightly having an idea that Jessica Jung, her boyfriend’s best friend is freaking in love with her boyfriend that is why she despises this woman the most, but they just putting some act so that Taeyeon will not worried to them, they are acting nice just in front of Taeyeon.


“Okay, take care Sica-yah.” Taeyeon said in his caring tone, don’t get him wrong but he only care for his best friend named Jessica Jung, which is also a model in SM Couture Corp, and nothing more. Well, Tiffany always mistaken it that Taeyeon has a thing for his best friend, and it always lead to a huge misunderstanding and leads to argument. Then they got tired of fighting over it, due to Tiffany’s childish jealousy, and Taeyeon made her realize that Jessica is really only his best friend nothing more.


“Okay you too.” Jessica response and she left the couple. Taeyeon felt his girlfriend release her hand to him and he felt that Tiffany is angry at him, again.


“Baby, you that Sica is just my-“


“Your best friend. I know Taeyeon. But please. . .don’t act so caring to other woman if I’m just beside you.” Tiffany said in her irritated tone and she crosses her arms and she felt the hands her boyfriend wrap to her waist caressing it while back hugging her and kisses her clothe shoulder blades


“I love you Fany-ah. . .I only love you . . .and my heart only shouts your name. . . “ Taeyeon said in his sweet tone, damn his voice his so soothing and can make Tiffany very calm, his name really suits his voice.


“I love you too Tae-Tae. . . but . . .I-I’m . . . I’m j-just jealous okay. . .” Tiffany pout her lips and Taeyeon chuckled


“Don’t be jealous over Sica, damn your butt is more sexy than he-“ Then she receive a smack to his head and he hissed in pain


“Yah! Byuntae!” Tiffany scolded and she stomped away to Taeyeon, which made the guy panicked


“A-Ah. . .w-wait baby.” Taeyeon chased his girlfriend moving out to the studio.








After the break the couple back to the studio and Tiffany’s manager welcomed them


“Tiffany-ssi, you need to come with me and I’ll introduce you to your new partner in your new photoshoot next week.” Her manager said and Tiffany glance to Taeyeon


“I need to go now baby, see you later.” Tiffany peck his lips and Taeyeon nodded, and beam his chin dimple smile, he watches Tiffany and her manager talk as they walk away from him. Taeyeon release a sigh, and he clenched his fist, because he has a secret which no one knows even his own girlfriend, they are in a relationship for almost 2 years of relationship. As the time goes by, Taeyeon is eating up with her nervousness, and feeling guilty for Tiffany for not letting her know his darkest secret. Taeyeon walk back to the studio, praying that one day if the right time comes, Tiffany will accept his condition.







“Good afternoon, I’m Nichkhun Horvejkul. Nice to meet you Tiffany-ssi.” A golden blonde hair man wearing a black suit named Nichkhun beam his charming smile and extend his hands to Tiffany and Tiffany smile to him with her signature eye-smile and shook his hands


“Nice to meet you too, Nichkhun-ssi.” Tiffany replied in the same manner, then they heard the manager clasps his hands and smiling to them


“Okay, since you two will need to work together as partners, you need to know each other so that you won’t be awkward to your shoot okay?” the manager said and the two nodded, unbeknown to Tiffany, Nichkhun glance to her and he subconsciously smile as he is now captivated by the beauty of Tiffany. The manager left them and Tiffany glances back to Nichkhun and the guy composes himself to her


“So. . . Nichkhun-ssi. . “ Tiffany started, well she’s really sociable person, and no dull moments with her, that made Nichkhun blushed as he heard his name roll to Tiffany’s tongue.


“Drop off the honorifics Tiffany. Just call me Nichkhun, or Khun or Nick, which ever you preferred.” Nichkhun beam his eye-smile, well Tiffany is fascinated to his eye-smile,


“oh you have eye-smile too it’s nice, Khun. . “ Tiffany complimented, don’t get her wrong she’s just blunted out compliments to people she converse with. And it’s completely nothing and without malice. The guy blushed and scratch his nape shyly


“Hm, Thanks, Tiff. But your eye-smile is the best.” Nichkhun complimented in his charming way as he composed himself and damn he just give her a nickname.


“Sure thing. Hm, by the why your name is not Korean sounding, which country are you from?” Tiffany asked


“Hm, actually my family is Thai and lives in Cali and I was born and raised there.” Nichkhun said perfectly in English and Tiffany got amazed


“Oh, I see, I was born in Cali too, but my parents are both Koreans, I was just raised and born there, that is my I have an English name, well I don’t like my Korean name really, by the way, which is part of Cali are you?” Tiffany replied in the same manner, damn, Nichkhun gulp to her sexy English accent of Tiffany and it made his poor heart beating like a marathon


“oh, wow, hm, I’m from R-Rancho Cucamonga . . “ Nichkhun stuttered


“Really? That’s really far from mine, well I’m from San Francisco.” Tiffany replied,


“Hm, Tiff. . . c-can . . .c-can I get your number?” Nichkhun asked well he tried to gather his courage to asked her. Well maybe it’s his chance to get to know her more and even if their contract ended they might still keep in touch in the future. Then a small baby looking face guy entered and wrap his arms protectively to the waist of Tiffany and Tiffany gasps and beam her sweetest eye-smile to that midget guy and his heart broke when he witnesses the two peck, to their freaking lips, just in front of him, he clenched his fist, of course Tiffany Hwang is gorgeous and very warm person so there is no way that she’s available,


“Baby, are you done with your shoot? And what are you doing here?” Honestly Taeyeon is there just a few minutes ago and he sense that this bushy brow guy will hit his girlfriend, even though they are having a conversation in English, which he really sucks the most, the last question made him alarmed and there is no way that he will let this guy flirt with his girlfriend.


“Why? Is visiting and checking on my girlfriend is a crime?” Taeyeon emphasize the girlfriend word and he glare to the bushy brow guy and they are having a glare war to each other. Tiffany is not dense like him, Tiffany smirk that his cute dorky boyfriend is jealous, and she found it cute. So this is the time so she can tease him just a little and let him taste his own medicine every time he’s spending time with his bitch best friend.


“Oh, it’s not, by the way this is Nichkhun Horvejkul, my model partner.” Nichkhun faked smile and he extend his hands to the midget, while Taeyeon took it and he grip it harder


“Nice to meet you, Nikon-ssi.” Taeyeon said and Tiffany chuckled


“Tae, it’s Nichkhun not Nikon, and Khun, this dorky guy is my boyfriend his name is Kim Taeyeon.” Tiffany said and Nichkhun blushed that Tiffany defended her, this made Taeyeon really pissed and clench his fist more and Nichkhun do the same, dead glaring with each other, Tiffany suddenly felt guilty and she grab the forearm of Taeyeon and caresses it


“Tae, be nice to him, he is just my-“ Tiffany whisper while Taeyeon and Nichkhun is still dead glaring with each other


“Your model partner, I know, but it’s just that. . . this Nikon is flirting you baby, and I don’t like it,” Taeyeon gritted his teeth as he responds to Tiffany, the model sighs a defeat, well, she might cause this two rumble here and it is embarrassing if that happened. Tiffany smile an apology to Nichkhun


“Khun, can you excuse us for a moment please.”


“Oh, sure Tiff.” Taeyeon cringed to their nicknames and he dangerously glare Nichkhun and Tiffany drag him away while he saw the bushy brow guy smirk








“Khun and Tiff? What’s that huh?” Taeyeon mock as they are now in her dressing room, Tiffany’s private dressing room. Tiffany poker face and crosses her arms


“Well, what’s with the Sica and Taengoo huh?” Tiffany scoff in disbelief and she stomp away to Taeyeon and sit to the nearest couch. Taeyeon massages his temples and release a sigh. And he glances over to Tiffany who is sulking, Taeyeon walk near to Tiffany, and he sit just beside the model, Tiffany scoot away from Taeyeon but Taeyeon move to her closer and trap her. Tiffany gasps


“T-Tae. . “ Taeyeon lean forward to catch her lips but Tiffany push him away which made the latter shock, Tiffany didn’t meant to pushed him it is just that she’s too annoyed and not in the mood right now, because of this childish argument.


“F-Fany? . . “ Taeyeon mutter in shock and he clench his fist, Tiffany got guilty and she moves closer to Taeyeon and she was about to cup his cheeks but Taeyeon swatted her hands


“Tiffany are you in love with that guy?! Huh?!” Taeyeon outburst which made Tiffany shocked


“Wha- OF COURSE NOT!!” Tiffany defended, well it’s her first time that she saw Taeyeon in this kind of state, usually he understands this kind the most, but today is really different.


“Then why did you rejected my kiss huh?! Why did you fucking pushed me aw-“ Then Tiffany capture his lips and she wrap her arms tightly to the guy and massaging his scalp, it’s the only way to make him shut. Taeyeon tilt his head to deepen the kiss while he places his hands to the waist of Tiffany and caresses it, Tiffany straddles her boyfriend and completely rest her clothe body to Taeyeon, Tiffany felt his bulge and she brushed it in purpose, Taeyeon groan in pleasure and suddenly he is freaking nervous, his heart beat is beating irregularly, damn.

It feels like Tiffany wants to get laid right here and right now. Taeyeon and Tiffany continue to lip lock, as their saliva is dripping on the side of their mouth. But Taeyeon is now eating up with his guilt, it’s not the right time to tell her his condition, it’s not, Taeyeon release the kiss and they are panting hard to their made out session, Tiffany slip her hands under the sweaters of Taeyeon and she massages his abs, Taeyeon groan in pleasure, he can fell his south is throbbing and leaking.


“F-Fany-ah . . .” Taeyeon groan and he stop his girlfriend which made the latter creased her eye brows


“What Tae-Tae? Don’t you want inside me?” Tiffany said in irritation, way to go ruining the moment. Taeyeon feeling more guilty and he can’t take it, he don’t want to hide it from Tiffany but he is afraid and his mind filling up with ‘what ifs-‘


“F-Fany. . . I. . . I want to-“ Taeyeon was about to explain then Tiffany beam her eye-smile and clasps her hands


“Great! I want you to fuck me Kim Taeyeon. As in now.” Tiffany said in her seductive tone, and lean her body against the latter and she kneed his bulge, Taeyeon gulp


“F-Fany . . .”


“You’re junior is so hard baby. . . just . . .let me take care of him okay. . . “ Tiffany unbuckles his belt, Taeyeon widen his eyes and stop Tiffany immediately and Tiffany beam her ‘what-now-look’ to Taeyeon


“Hm, Fany . . .there is something that . . . I . . .” Taeyeon straighten up his body and he sit properly, Tiffany crosses her arms in irritation, damn it’s only rare to find a guy that is not into sex. This made Tiffany really pissed,


“What Kim Taeyeon, better be tell your valid explanation. . . “ Tiffany said in her dangerous tone and Taeyeon suddenly felt scared, what if Tiffany despised her, and many what ifs again pop up to his mind.


“F-Fany . . . I . . I . . .d-don’t have . . . “ Damn he don’t know what to say, and he can’t utter the right words,


“You don’t have what Kim Taeyeon? You’re loosing out my patience now.” Tiffany said in her annoyed tone eyeing her nervous boyfriend.


“I. . I don’t have . . .the ‘guy’ . . . thingies. . .” Taeyeon mutter in a whisper which made Tiffany confused


“What do you mean?” Tiffany felt her heart suddenly beating so hard and it feels like if Taeyeon explained it properly, that will be the end of their relationship.


“Tiffany, I don’t have a dick . . . “ Taeyeon finally said it, and he can’t look to Tiffany and all he heard is her sniffs,


“H-How. . .are you a . . .I . . .it’s . . . “ Tiffany can’t utter words she’s speechless she felt betrayed so it means that she’s dating a trans sexual? That is why Kim Taeyeon has a feminine name? but what is the bulge in his pants?


“Fany-ah . . .I-“ Taeyeon gather his courage to explain


“Then what is the bulge that I just felt a while?” Tiffany tried not to cracked her voice, damn her tears didn’t stop falling to her cheeks


“It’s . . .a dildo, Fany-ah, a soft packers.. . because I-“ Taeyeon said


“Enough! I’m not gay Taeyeon, for Christsake! You tricked me! I hate you!! What have I done to deserve this?!! Huh?” Taeyeon widen his eyes and shook his head violently


“N-No. . .it’s not like that F-“ Taeyeon was about to explain


“I SAID ENOUGH! I’m so done with your explanation!! You are disgusting! I just kissed a Trans gend?! Damn you Kim Taeyeon!!” Tiffany outburst and she walks out to her dressing room leaving Kim Taeyeon who is not crying, damn, this is what he afraid off, but she didn’t even listen to his explanation, this stupid condition made him like that, he don’t want to be an intersex person. He was born with female genital, he supposed to be a girl, but as the puberty strikes out, his body and muscle amount is the same as male, his mound didn’t grow, that is why his parents decided to make him a male, because he has adam’s apple, his voice is hoarse and deep like male, his bone structure also, but the thing is he don’t have a manhood. Taeyeon got out and he don’t want this stupid life any more, he knew it from the start that no one will accept his condition, he should have listen to his parents. But he has needs too, he wants to be loved.







Tiffany run away from her dressing room, she can’t believe that she’s been dating a trans sexual, she’s never a gay, she doesn’t eat pussy, it’s disgusting, and she can’t believe that the surgery done with that guy is really realistic, his voice, his built is really manly, no traces of female features. Tiffany suddenly felt someone beside her and she’s been crying to the back stage with less people, while her stream of tears falling to her cheeks, and she saw a handkerchief in front of her and she look to the owner


“Here, crying really doesn’t suit to a gorgeous woman like you.” Nichkhun said and he smile in comfort and Tiffany get the handkerchief


“Thanks Khun. . .” Nichkhun smile and he sit beside Tiffany with a safe distance he doesn’t want to scare her or something, or even create some issue between them, he kinda respect Tiffany that she’s already taken.


“Hm, sure no problem, but I’m just here with all ears if you want that to release, you know it really helps if you release your negative emotions deep inside your heart.” Nichkhun suggest, Tiffany felt flustered and suddenly she remember what happened earlier,


“Khun. . . Taeyeon . . .he, no I mean she’s a . . . “ Tiffany suddenly cracked her voice and begin to cry hard again which made Nichkhun carefully place his hands at the back of Tiffany and rub her back to comfort her, Tiffany scooted closer and she bury her face to the chest of the latter, which made him blushed and his heart is racing madly, Nichkhun wrap his protective arms around Tiffany and comforted the woman as if she’s a fragile glass.


“Ssssh.. . it’s okay Tiff, just cry it out okay. . . . I’m just here. . . “ Nichkhun kiss the head crown of Tiffany and he felt the arms of Tiffany snake to his waist and hugging him tightly.


Unbeknown to them, Taeyeon saw it, he even heard what Tiffany said to that guy. He began to cry harder and run away from the place, his heart is stabbed in a million knives, it damn hurts, it’s his fault for not listening to his parents, he should listen to them, and now, he is hurting like hell, then Jessica saw Taeyeon running away


“Taengo!” Jessica called him but the guy run away faster, Jessica is about to start her photoshoot, but she saw her best friend hurt, and she can’t take it. Then she fished out her phone to dial Taeyeon, but the guy’s phone is off. Damn it. Jessica look for her manager


“Sooyoung, can you please move my photoshoot tomorrow? Hm. . .there’s an emergency . . . I’m really sorry.” Jessica said and Sooyoung nodded and beam a smile


“Oh, sure go ahead, I hope that nothing’s bad happened, just take care.” Thankfully that Sooyoung is really a nice manager. Jessica grab her things and bid a goodbye and run off to her white BMW parked outside. She hates running, she doesn’t run if she’s late, but if it’s for Taeyeon, she will run. Then she quickly starts her engine and drive away to the place, trying to call him again while she looks around and trying to find her best friend


“Damn it Taeyeon, answer the fucking phone!” Jessica curse and she can’t really reach the phone of Taeyeon, then she saw the familiar figure,


“Aish* this midget, I finally found you.” Her best friend, just get inside to a bar, Jessica pull her car to the curb and she parked it, she widens her eyes as she realizes that it is a fucking gay bar! What the hell that Kim Taeyeon doing to a gay bar? Jessica put some disguise of course she can’t risk, but she’s doing this for her best friend and her love. Jessica get inside and she’s welcomed by a loud beam of music and LED lights with different colors striking to her eyes, she’s looking for her best friend


“Hey, gorgeous, do you want to drink with me?” A tanned woman approach her charmingly and she wink, based on this woman’s clothing, she’s a tomboy. Jessica shook her head


“Aw, come on, I’m Kwon Yuri, what’s your name?” Yuri extend her hands, well it’s not like Jessica is feel disgusted, but she felt annoyed because she can’t find her midget best friend


“Hm, I’m sorry Yuri-ssi, but I’m looking for somebody else. And I have someone with me also, I’m sorry.” Jessica politely reject her and she heard her a sigh of defeat and disappointment, then she saw that familiar figure, sitting on the bar stool drinking a bottle of vodka, Jessica stride towards him and snatch the drink, she knows that Taeyeon has a very low alcohol tolerance, she heard him groan in annoyance


“Y-Yah! Gimmwee bwack . . thwatt . . “ Taeyeon is already drunk and he tried to stand but his legs became wobbly, and trying to snatch back his drink, Jessica hold Taeyeon carefully, and she cup his face, his warm face due to the alcohol


“Taengo, let’s go, please. . . .” Jessica said in her caring tone, and she grab the hands of Taeyeon but Taeyeon swatted her arms which made her yelp


“Gwet away . . .from meee. . .  I down’t nweed you . . “ Taeyeon back facing her and he ordered another bottle but Jessica forcefully face him and she grabs the face of Taeyeon and crashed her lips to him, Jessica closes her eyes tightly as she tasted the bitterness of Taeyeon’s mouth, Taeyeon is responding to the kiss while his hands travel to her butt and squeeze it, she moan in his mouth


“hmm . . .” Taeyeon slip his hands to Jessica’s skirt, which made Jessica’s heart beat is beating wildly, damn, she’s making him a cheater. Jessica suddenly felt guilty and release him from their steamy lip-locking.


“T-Tae. . .I’m s-sorry . . .it’s just that  . . .I got carried away. . .” Jessica said and Taeyeon suddenly knocked out, as his head fell to Jessica’s mounds, Jessica caught him, and she’s blushing to this proximity, Jessica caresses the ash blonde fringes of Taeyeon carefully,


“Hm, miss you want me to help you carry your boyfriend to your car?” The bar tender asked, well she really wished that he is her boyfriend, but she can’t argue right now, and she felt sorry for him again, that kiss should not happened because Taeyeon already have Tiffany.


“Okay sure thanks.” Then the bar tender lift Taeyeon sideways and Jessica guided him to her car, the bar tender put Taeyeon to the passenger sit carefully, Jessica handed a tip to the bar tended and mutter thanks again. Jessica get inside her car, she glances to Taeyeon and she buckle his sit belt and she heard him snoring, Jessica giggle, as she watches that tempting lips of Taeyeon that she just kissed a while ago. Jessica runs her thumb to his lips,


“PPany . . . I’m . . .s-sorry . . .please . . .don’t broke  up . . .with me. . “ Jessica widen her eyes and she witnesses Taeyeon’s corner eyes with tears, Jessica wipe it, and she felt worried to her best friend. Jessica peck the cheeks of Taeyeon and caresses it


“Sh. . .I’m here Taengo, just please let me. . . let me love you and take care of you okay? I won’t leave you. . . I love you Kim Taeyeon.” Jessica lean to the latter’s lips to claim it again, she just gives him a chase kiss. Jessica starts to drive away from the bar going to her condo unit.







Jessica is staring to the sleeping Taeyeon, on her double sized modern bed, Jessica is wearing her comfortable tank top and shorts, messily bun her hair. She sits to the edge of her bed as she runs her hands to the face of Taeyeon


“PPany . . .” Taeyeon muttered and he stirred up to the sudden touch and that made Jessica shocked and felt hurt at the same time, Taeyeon groan in pain and massages his temples and he look around and he saw Jessica


“Omo . . .Sica? w-what are you doing here?” Taeyeon said and he sit up properly and he heard her giggle


“Pabo, of course it’s my unit Taeng. You are here at my bed.” Taeyeon widen his eyes and damn he can’t remember what happened. Then he notices that they are still in clothes and he sigh a relief, Jessica chuckled


“Yah! It’s not like I’m going to take advantage of you, aish*” Jessica lied, well she’s really tempted to rape the vulnerable Taeyeon, but of course she loves him so much that she will not hurt him due to her wrong actions. Taeyeon suddenly remember what happened, to him and Tiffany, Jessica notice the change of mood of the latter and she got worried, Jessica scoot closer to him


“Taengo, what happened? Because you were so drunk a while ago. . .” Jessica suddenly remember their first kiss, well more like her first kiss with Taeyeon, Jessica subconsciously touch her lips.


“Hm, Tiffany and I . . . are broke up already . . “ Taeyeon said and he closed his eyes as he remember that Nikon guy hugging her Tiffany. Then a tear falls from his eyes, then Jessica notice it and she cup his cheeks and wipes it. Taeyeon open his eyes, and he saw the flustered face of Jessica and looking to his lips, then Jessica retracted her hands and look away to Taeyeon


“I-I’m . . .s-sorry. . “ Jessica mutter, and Taeyeon chuckled,


“You don’t have to, well, I’m just glad to have a best friend like you Sica, you are so caring and sweet, I bet your future husband will be lucky to have you as his wife.” Jessica got a mixed feeling about his statement and cringe to the ‘best friend’ word, damn this guy is too dense, isn’t not obvious that she’s so in love with him. Jessica got annoyed and she get up to the bed which made Taeyeon alarmed.


“Sica? Did I say something wrong?” Taeyeon was about to follow Jessica and Jessica glared him, Taeyeon widen his eyes as he witnesses his best friend crying


“STUPID TAEYEON! STUPID STUPID STUPID!!” Jessica outburst and she run away, Taeyeon quickly get up and chase the latter


“Yah! Sica wait!” Taeyeon run to her and he back hug her, while Jessica is struggling away from Taeyeon, but she can’t get out to his tight hug


“Hey, hey, easy. . .why are you mad at me? Please I don’t want to lose you too, Sica, you are so important to me, you are my precious best fri-“ Jessica violently push Taeyeon away and glared him which made the latter shock


“THAT’S THE PROBLEM!! I’M ONLY JUST YOUR BEST FRIEND!! I HATE IT!! YOU ARE SO DUMB TAEYEON!! STUPID!!” Jessica grab random things and throw it to Taeyeon but Taeyeon’s fast reflexes caught it and he suddenly got shock to the confession, then he felt his heart is beating as if it wants to get out from its rib cage.


“Sica. . . “ Taeyeon suddenly became scared, and he can’t love anyone anymore, because of his goddamn condition, he lowered his head


“I-I . . .I’m sorry  . . “ Taeyeon said and Jessica scoff


“I know you don’t love me and YOU WILL NEVER BE!! WHAT IS SO GOOD TO THAT TIFFANY HWANG THAT I DON’T HAVE HUH?!! ANSWER ME?!!” Jessica outburst as her tears streaming down to her cheeks her face is burning in anger, her body is increasing its temperature


“Sica, you deserve somebody else. . .I . . .I-I don’t-“


“GODDAMNIT KIM TAEYEON!! IT’S NOT YOU WHO WILL DECIDE WHO IS GOOD FOR ME!! DON’T YOU GET IT?!! IT’S BECAUSE OF YOU!! YOU STOLE MY HEART!! NOW I CAN’T OUT FALL FOR YOU BECAUSE YOU ARE SO FUCKING UNFAIR AND YOU DIDN’T EVEN RETURN MY HEART!!!” Jessica shouted, Taeyeon run to her and she hug her tightly, while Jessica is struggling and punching his chest violently


“I hate you!!”


“I hate you Kim Taeyeon!!”


“I HA-“ then his lips silent her, Taeyeon deepen the kiss as he tilt his head cupping the back of the head of Jessica while his other hand it caressing her back


“Hmmm . . .” Jessica give in to his kiss, she closes her eyes, while her tears are falling, Taeyeon nibble her lower lips and thrust his tongue while he pinned Jessica to the wall, there is no inch found to their body, Jessica felt the erection of Taeyeon hitting her sensitive spot, damn her heart beat is beating like crazy, Taeyeon pinned her arms at the top of her head, sucking and nibbling her soft lips.


“Hmm . . “ Jessica moan and she rubs her exposed thighs to his erection, Taeyeon suddenly became aware to his condition, and he release the steamy kiss as their saliva drips and stick out as they parted, they are panting hard, catching their breath. Jessica got worried and she felt that Taeyeon back away from her, but she stops him.


“Hey. . .’ Jessica mutter in a worried tone, Taeyeon look away and release a sigh


“Sica, I’m a freak. . .I’m disgusting . . .You don’t deserve me. . .someone like me . . . I’m really sorry . . “ Taeyeon said and he was about to walk away, Jessica pounced her body to him giving him a tight hug afraid that she won’t see him again.


“You are not Tae. . . I love you, and you are not a freak-“


“I’m an intersex, Sica! I don’t have a dick for goddamn’s sake!! I’m a half male and half female . . “ Taeyeon finally said it and Jessica look at him, as if she don’t care, she’s shock to his confession, but it’s not the body that Jessica loves about him, it’s himself, his personality and being. Jessica give him a sweet smile and peck his lips


“I don’t care Tae, it’s not your physical body that I’m in love with . . .it’s you . . .it’s your being a Kim Taeyeon, so you don’t have to feel like that, because I don’t care . . . I just love you Tae. . . “


“S-Sica. . . “ Taeyeon was speechless, then he felt a cup to his cheeks caressing it


“Just please. . . let me love you . . . let me. . . please. . . I love you . . .” Taeyeon felt a tears to his eyes, damn, why he didn’t notice her from the start, Taeyeon leans forward to catch her lips again and Jessica smile as they kiss sweetly, and slowly, they both release their kiss.


“I love you too Sica. Thank you for loving me. . . “