Sky meets Ocean

The sky is like her land; she usually sets her feet on the clouds feeling it though her body, with a parachute in her back securely harness around her body, a helmet, and she never forgets to put her go pro attaching to her helmet,

“Okay, we will execute what I just told you, you make sure to secure your parachutes, and remember the drop-zones and landings okay?” as she instructs her three clients who will do the sky diving, they just nodded, and she places herself near the plane door and she opens it as the air pressure immediately passing through them,

“Who wants to go first?” As she grimaces, then she saw her clients as fidgeting and looking to each other, she knew this very well, they will be afraid at first, honestly she was like them too, but since she is training herself in skydiving she actually learned to overcome her fear, and she is starting to enjoy in the sky rather in the land, then it happens that the blonde guy nudges his friend but then the other resist

“Yah, you go first” She can’t help but to laugh at the scenario, as smirk draws to her lips, and she had a chance to grab the wrist of the blonde guy

“Since you are the one who pointing others you should go first.” She said in a smirk and pulls the blonde guy and she throws him out outside which made his other friends got shocked at the same time got excited and they laugh on their friend who acting like a coward cat which in the first place that guy is the one who asked them to do the skydiving, the two friends just watching him free-fall while they believe he is screaming like a pussycat, she can’t help but to laugh and she smirks playfully, grabbing their shoulders and she pushes the two without any warning, the two is now screaming much worst, she can’t help but to laugh.

Then as soon as 5 minutes passed, she jumps out to the plane calmly. She can’t help but to feel the excitement as she is passing through the clouds, she glances to her trainees and she saw them that they are now enjoying the free-fall, they even curling themselves into ball and some spreading their arms and legs as they falling. She can see the tiny trees above; it feels like she can grasp it with her hands and she saw her first student opens his parachute and moving towards the drop off, followed by his two friends, she smiled in satisfaction as she just successfully orient her students and they land safely, she pulls the trigger to open up her parachute and she expertly control it.

This is actually also the best part in skydiving, controlling the parachute. As soon as she can view the aerial of Busan, she can’t help but to smile in joy and continue to admire the view. A few minutes she almost reaches the drop off then she saw her students are high fiving and shouting in thrill. She just finished her training session and she removes all her parachute bag and her helmet, she massages her traps and her neck since it is a bit strained,

“Yow, Eunjung good job for earlier,” She heard her boss said to her, Park Soyeon

“Oh yes boss, thanks for the compliment, I have a very great mentor.” Eunjung remarks happily and she changes her casual clothes with a white patterned and grabs her black leather jacket,

“Yeah, you almost die because of your stupidity,” Soyeon flick her forehead and she chuckled,

“Well at least I fall at the girl that is happened to be my wife now,” Eunjung grimaces, and that is true also that she literally falls to the girl which is her wife now. Soyeon chuckled as she shook her head in disbelieve,

“You literally fall to her, that is exactly, what happened,”

“Yeah, have you having any plans to have child?” Honestly she is being busy lately that she actually and when she got home she will saw her wife sleeping, but for today her seminar is actually ended so she can go home earlier, “We will go there soon, unnie.” She answers with a smile,

“Okay, see you tomorrow unnie.” Eunjung grabs her bag and bid goodbye to her mentor, she is being a skydiving instructor for 2 years already, she is physically active too, she really takes good care of her diet since she wanted her body fit. Being a skydiving instructor is actually scary since she needs really take care of the trainee since if she flunks she might have ended up kill a person, and she doesn’t want that, honestly. As she reaches her black land cruiser, she hums the song that they used as their wedding song, beautiful soul covered by Boyce Avenue,

In her high school, she is really very active in sports, she is actually representative to their school, playing basketball, soccer, volley ball, even she does martial arts like taekwondo and aikido. Even she is attending to a co-ed school, she really has many fan girls and boys are actually afraid at her, due to her height and she has really an androgynous aura that every girl falls for her, every guys in the school envied her since she is really a chick magnet in spite that she is a girl.

But for her she doesn’t actually care about that, she just gently rejects every girl confessed to her, since she wanted to focus on her studies and finish her high school so she can be a trainee in sky diving. First requirement being as a sky diving instructor is to be physically fit, and she is really perfect for that job, ever since she was a little she really loves heights, everything about sky, she loves travelling by plane, she really enjoys the height. At first she actually scared of course, she is still a human being but sooner she just learns to enjoy it more and loves it.

She would never have expected that doing a skydiving, she will fall to a certain woman, a woman that manages to steal her heart and captures her interest as soon as her eyes laid upon her. Well maybe ‘love at first sight’ really do works, most especially for her.

This is the day that she will do her first sky diving, to be able to get her certificate she needs to passed it, Park Soyeon is her mentor, she trained her for 4 months, and she is now dead nervous. She is wearing a dry fit sports attire and a running shorts with pair of rubber shoes, wearing a black helmet and of course a go pro attaches to her helmet, her parachute is securely attach to her back, gripping its strap, she readied herself about to jump of the plane

“Yah, Hahm Eunjung, Hwaiting~” Soyeon said and she grins at her, but to be honest Eunjung felt really nervous, but well she really needs to do this so, Eunjung runs and dive outside the plane and damn, this is it, she is really falling now from the sky, oh god. Eunjung can’t helped but she screamed but then she can feel the wind is catching her too, a moment later she is feeling the fun and she is now shouting with joy, then she admires the view of this tiny world, yeah that is what she can feel, she can feel that the world is really small when she is above the sky, she can see the ocean and the islands in Busan, she spreads her arms and her legs to see more, and it is really damn awesome.

Then she didn’t notice that she needs to pull the trigger in her parachute, she is being stupid and completely lost her focus for being overwhelmed to the view, she felt her heart is beating heavily, damn it. Eunjung mentally scolding herself for losing her focus, so she immediately pulled the trigger and the steering line got messed so she can’t control properly the parachute, then the wind is bringing her to the ocean, and just a few meters away from her is a huge cruise ship, she tried to control her parachute but no avail, all she can do is to accept her fate for whatever happens later, that is because of her stupidity. Then she just closes her eyes and let her parachute guided by the strong wind going to hit this huge cruise ship in front of her. She can feel that the gravity, then she felt that the strong wind driving her, she can’t fight through it, she felt her feet on the ground, she believes she lands on the cruise ship deck but she can’t control the strong wind dragging as she tried to catch the pace by running


Eunjung hissed in pain to her forehead and she got stumbled on the ground and fall to something soft, but her head hits on something hard, the parachute covered her whole body, while the multi-colors of the parachute diffused through her vision who is trying to adapt to it, she heard something, and felt a movement, she widens her eyes as she was on the top of a woman who is wearing a sailor formal uniform, that she believes that she is working here, and she can’t see her face because Eunjung’s face fell on the woman’s abdomen, she quickly gets up and she witnesses a very gorgeous woman, which her golden blonde hair is neatly and formally bun, who is now trying to get up and massaging her temples.

Eunjung can’t helped but to get daze to admire the beauty of this woman, her perk nose and tempting soft looking plump red lips, her silky white exposed neck is very welcoming. Eunjung gulps her saliva as she felt her heart beat wildly, which she can’t understand why is she feeling like this. Eunjung didn’t notice that her mouth agapes, then she saw the woman is very close with her, and the woman still fixing herself and trying to figure out what just happened then as soon as their eyes met, she felt her heart leaps out of her chest

“YAH! PERVERT!” Then she felt a sting in her right cheek and she got astonished to the woman’s slap hard on her face with the combination of kicked and it landed good on her- uhm- yeah.

“ARGHH!” Eunjung groan in pain and she puts pressure on her south, down her pain like hell, damn it, then the woman got guilty, and she tries to remove the parachute covering them and Eunjung balled to the ground holding her precious treasures, which just got kicked with a woman with heels, well she can’t blame her because she was touching her breast that was why she felt something soft, and she is freaking straddling her too. Geez.

“Oh my god I am so sorry,” she heard the woman said and she tried to help her but no avail, Eunjung can feel her south is burning in pain, well thanks to this good kick of this hottie woman,

“Oh my, really I am so sorry, I didn’t know that- wait, you are a girl?” The woman suddenly said in her disbelief and Eunjung still balling to the ground and eyed her

“W-What do you think?” it really sounded rude but she has the right to do so since she is really pained down there. The woman felt guiltier for what she done,

“Wait I will grab some ice for that… I am really sorry wait for me here.” Then she got left by the woman who is now back facing her and Eunjung can’t help but to ogle the woman’s butt, wiggling left and right, and she can feel her cheeks started to heat up, oh my god. Eunjung suddenly actually forgot that her precious treasure is hurting.

A few minutes later, the woman come back with a pack of ice in a baby blue ice bag, the woman came rush to her, woah, she can’t help but to felt amaze to this woman in 4-inch high, just rush for her. Then the woman bend down to her and she handed the cold compress to Eunjung. She found this woman very cute when she cares, a chuckled escape from her lips, then she just grabs the ice bag and put to her south, siting with slightly her legs parted and facing this adorable woman who is just eyeing her lower region, her lips form into smirk

“You like what you see hmm?” Eunjung teased and she got a hit from her leg

“Yah!” But then she noticed the hint of pink shade to her cheeks, well she is definitely a very interesting woman at all.

Eunjung can’t help but to chuckled from the memories that she remembered meeting her wife, it is really unique too, and very unexpected. At first, they really bicker like a cat and dog when they got closer but soon, but she knows that she has feelings for her wife from the first time her eyes landed on her. Her mom said when she fell in love, she will feel butterflies in her stomach and her heart beat starting to get wild feeling awestruck and can’t help but her mind will be crowded by that particular person, and that happens to her.

Eventually, she never thought that her wife, Park Jiyeon, who is now carrying her name, Hahm-Park Jiyeon, that woman that she first falls in love with and will be the last. She thought that Jiyeon will not agree to marry her since she is a woman and their family expected that she will be having a loving husband and children, but then their family eventually accepted them because they are already developed and there are many technologies that same sex couples will be manage to bear a child for their own. She is very thankful that their parents actually supporting them too. But she is still not asking her wife if she wanted to have their own child, they are just almost a year wedded couple.

She can’t help but to burst a laugh when she suddenly remembered that she made her fiancé cried that time,

A few hours before their wedding started, Eunjung just wear her black trousers with white long sleeves button up tuck in and a grey vest above, wearing pair of black leather Oxford shoes, her short burgundy hair is neatly styled, she is smirking when she saw her soon to be wife her hair still having a roller curls to her silky long brunette hair still wearing a white floral patterned one piece dress with a beige cardigan above, she is still talking to the event’s Manager cross checking if everything is okay. Eunjung composed herself for her act, as soon as the manager left her fiancé, Eunjung run towards her with a horrid expression, Jiyeon is eying her worriedly

“Babe what is wrong? Why you look like you just see a ghost? Huh?” Jiyeon teased her fiancé then Eunjung look at Jiyeon in her horrid face but in her mind she is really laughing,

“Baby, our rings… it’s… Uhm.. it’s..” Eunjung act stuttering then Jiyeon changes her aura,

“W-What? What happened Jungie? Can you please tell me what happened really?” Since Jiyeon is really impatient person, and Eunjung just can’t tell what really happened to their rings, not especially their rings, how will they supposed to get married if something happened to their rings. Jiyeon held the shoulders of Eunjung who still stuttering, which she can’t form a sentence,

“What Hahm Eunjung?”  crap, Eunjung can sense her fiancé is really pissed but she still need to act this out, she wanted to prank her still, she is just completely naughty.

“O-Our rings, lost. I-“

“YOU WHAT?!” Jiyeon cuts her and she just witness her fiancé’s glistening eyes, which is on the urge of crying, Eunjung pursed her lips she is stil in shocked to her fiancé’s reaction,

“What have you done Eunjung! That ring is really expensive! And that is custom made too! Oh god!” Jiyeon scolded her while she is now crying and punching Eunjung’s shoulders, then Eunjung actually found her very cute so Eunjung hugs Jiyeon and caressing her back

“Shh.. don’t cry, at least just rings are just lost not my soon-to-be wife.” Eunjung grabs the right hand of Jiyeon and she wears their ring, whom she told that she missed it but honestly she didn’t while Jiyeon is crying on her chest and Jiyeon quickly look at her hand she sees her ring finger with a silver combined with gold and there is actually carving of their initials on the back of the ring. Then Eunjung received a gentle slap on her face and Jiyeon smiled while she cries,

“Yah!” Jiyeon smacks the face of Eunjung, while she is laughing

“Stupid… don’t you ever do that again,” Jiyeon smiles and Eunjung pecks her lips, while Eunjung’s hand resting on Jiyeon’s waist,

“I was just really kidding you know I wanted to see your reaction too,” Then she got another smack on her face

“You are really stupid…  you should not wear this on my hand we still not yet getting married… aish*” Jiyeon said but she still admires the ring on her right hand

“Well we will get there too soon, and you will be my wife.” Eunjung grimaces and Jiyeon just shook her head in disbelief and Eunjung cups her cheeks and chase kiss,

“We will be married soon, and you will be my wife just for a few hours, we will be together and till death do us apart, right? So we pronounce us as husband and wife, I will now kiss the bride.” Jiyeon chuckled for that and Eunjung smiling at her and looking to her eyes lovingly and she kisses her lips very sweetly,

“I love you,”

“I love you too.” Jiyeon smiles at her.

She is now driving to their house, it is just a simple house around Seoul, living in a two-storey modern contemporary house, just a bedroom with two of them sharing, of course. Eunjung suddenly saw a pastry shop and she pulls the car and get down, as soon as she entered the Soshi pastries

“Good afternoon,” A young looking girl greeted her, her hair is dyed in ash blonde showing her cute chin dimples smile

“Oh I just want a blue berry ice cream cake please,” She said to the girl

“Okay comin; right up,” Eunjung observes the girl who just happily preparing her order then she took a sit just near the counter and she suddenly remember their first date,

“Jungie~ I want ice cream” Eunjung chuckled at her cute girlfriend who is tugging her sleeves and pouting at her, while doing a puppy eyes and she even twinkles her eyes on her, wow, she is so adorable,

“Yeah okay wait here,” Eunjung pecks her girlfriend’s head crown and she guides Jiyeon to sit on a bench near a dessert shop,

Eunjung just walk there, and buy what her girlfriend wants and she paid for it and walking back to her girlfriend who is just looking around and Eunjung holding the big paper cup with the sweet delight on it, it is a strawberry short cake that she thought an ice cream, she sits down beside Jiyeon and give that to her

“Here baby,” Jiyeon smiles and she grabs the cup and holds the spoon and scoops it, she frowns a little, then Eunjung noticed it,

“Baby why?” Eunjung asked her, and Jiyeon looked at the ice cream and she tries to scoop again and genius, it is not ice cream,

“Jungie, this is not ice cream, it is a cake,” Jiyeon said with a hint of disappointment, while Eunjung felt disappointed a little too, and she tries to grab the dessert to Jiyeon but Jiyeon dodges her hand

“I will replace it Ji, I will order ice cream instead I am sorry about that,” Jiyeon scoops to her mouth the spoon with the sweet delight and smiled at Eunjung

“Hm.. delicious, no need, baby, I ate it already, and this will be a waste because they will just throw this away too if you replace it,” Eunjung smiles at her and she nodded, as she scratches her nape,

“Yeah I think so, but I want you be satisfied, you want me to buy ice cream? I will just eat that baby,” Then Jiyeon feeds Eunjung that make her shut and that Eunjung got startled but she found it cute when Jiyeon grins at her and clings her arm around her arm, and she keeps on feeding her and she feeds herself too,

“Hmmm.. so delicious, really, thanks baby,” Eunjung smiles as she chewing the sweet cake in her mouth and it melted easily too and she can feel the sweetness overloading her while Jiyeon feeds her sweetly

“Here is your order ma’am,” The girl came back showing her chin dimples smile and Eunjung smiles at her and paid for the dessert, well at least it is now both ice cream and cake, just in case. Eunjung chuckled to herself and she gets out to the shop and gets in to her car again,

As soon as she got home bringing the dessert she ordered seeing her wife just wearing a camisole and hot shorts, Eunjung can’t help but to ogle her wife’s fluffy butt, then Jiyeon just doing her cleaning at the kitchen back facing her,

“I’m home.” Eunjung said as Jiyeon faces her excitedly and running towards her

“EUNJUNG!” Then Jiyeon jumps to Eunjung as she skillfully catches her wife, koala hugging her,

“Omo, baby I miss you.” Eunjung said and Jiyeon hugs the neck of Eunjung, as her legs wraps on her waist

“I miss you too baby, I thought I won’t be able to see you again,” Eunjung remembers suddenly that Jiyeon

“E-Eunjung? I-Is that really you?” Eunjung grins at her girlfriend for she doesn’t seen her for 5 months since she got professionally trained in Dubai for sky diving, then they only have a few chance to call each other, due to their schedule, since Jiyeon is actually working as stewardess in cruise ship and they somehow didn’t see each other that much too,

“Yes Jiyeonnie, I am.” Eunjung said as she smiles at her, then Jiyeon runs towards her and give her a big warm hug as Jiyeon’s face burying to her chest hugging her neck tightly

“Jungie… yeah you are really Jungie,” Jiyeon said but honestly at first she felt nervous since she wasn’t hearing and seeing Eunjung for the past 5 months, and that really a struggle for both of them, Eunjung hugs her tightly

“Yeah, I am, your Jungie,” Eunjung pecks her cheeks, and she saw Jiyeon crying,

“Yah! You always make me cry,” Jiyeon punch her shoulders lightly while Eunjung cups her cheeks and wipes her tears and kisses her lips, as she feels her girlfriend’s familiar lips on her again, she really misses her,

In their scented bathroom, the shower is open, Eunjung is pinning Jiyeon on the wall, while the water in the shower just draping against to their naked silky white skin as Eunjung continue to devoured the soft plump lips, as their naked body messily grinding each other, while Jiyeon’s arms pinned above her head, and Eunjung’s other hand holds her chin, restraining her, dominating her. Jiyeon can’t help but to moan on Eunjung’s mouth as Eunjung’s body pushed against her, their lips lip lock to each other as if they are depending their lives to it. As their lips releases to each other they are panting while the water still running through their curves, their eyes lock, while Eunjung slides her hands that is pinning above her head and she guides her to her neck,

“You are so wild baby,” Jiyeon breath out as she done catching her own breath, she can’t believe the aggressiveness of Eunjung, as Eunjung lip’s curl into smirk

“Yeah we barely see each other lately, and we haven’t done it yet,” Eunjung pout, then Jiyeon chuckled, and she blushed

“Baby, not now, look.” Jiyeon pointed down to her crutch and Eunjung see her wife’s bushy crutch and she chuckled, she knows her wife very well, she doesn’t want to have sex with her while her crutch is that bushy, Eunjung can’t help but to chuckled,

“Yeah I know baby, that is why we just make out, hm… you are cute,” Eunjung pecks her lips while their body still in tack together, leaving no gap as if they are a puzzle piece perfectly match together.

“Okay we should really take a bath now baby, because as soon as we remove our clothes and then you suddenly get wild beast there and starting to eat my lips, oh god.” Jiyeon said in disbelief while Eunjung is laughing at her as the shower still running through them and she brush up her short her and washes her face

“Yeah because I really miss you lips, oh god, we miss our moment, baby.” Eunjung pursed her lips looking at her wife cutely, like a whining kid, but her wife finds it really cute, so she pinches the cheeks of Eunjung and pecks her lips

“Aigoo~ my hubby looks like a brat now, yeah we will tomorrow okay but you need to help me wax my treasures,” Jiyeon winks as her finger nails runs through Eunjung’s scalps, teasing her,

“Baby~ don’t that is my weak spot,” Eunjung traps Jiyeon on the wall, while Jiyeon pushes her chest away from her

“I know baby, but I want to see you like that, you look so cute, like a lost puppy.” Jiyeon chuckled and pinches her cheeks, Eunjung pouts and she releases her sigh of defeat,

“Aww~ my poor baby~ we will do it tomorrow okay? So be a good boy right now.” Jiyeon said to her and of course she can’t help but to listen to her wife, and smiles at her

“Yeah baby tomorrow.”

Eunjung is just wearing her muscle tee and running shorts while her wife around her arms wearing night gown, and since her wife loves to tease her that much Eunjung can see the perk nipples of Jiyeon while her head resting on her shoulders, while she can see the valleys of her wife’s yummy breast, honestly Eunjung can’t sleep and it is now in the middle of the night, she can feel her wife’s soft breast to her side, as her wife is shifting and sleeping peacefully beside her, while her she keeps on eyeing her sleeping wife, while thinking perversely, that is not bad at all as long it is her wife that she is thinking right now. Then Eunjung slightly shook her head, shrugging off her perverted thoughts so she won’t do anything bad to her wife, since her wife’s crutch is still unshaved and her wife hates that. Then Eunjung closes her eyes, calming her pervert mind and releases her breath,

As soon as she wakes up, the sun rays are striking through her eyes, then she slightly moves and shift her body as she trying to stretch her limbs and her neck, she slowly gets up and she witnesses her wife is not beside her, maybe her wife rushing today. Eunjung just yawns and she runs her fingers through her hair and gets up the bed to wash her face and brush her teeth, as soon as she groggily walks to the bath room her eyes still trying to adjust through the sun light. As soon as she reaches the sink she opens her eyes and widens her eyes as she saw a doodle on her face, a fucking black permanent marker, a doodle of a mustache and an eye glasses around her eyes,

“YAH! PARK JIYEON!” Eunjung shouted and she runs out to the bath room and she looks for her wife, yeah, she even forgot that they are married, shouting Jiyeon’s maiden name, then she runs outside their bedroom to see Jiyeon’s cooking happily for their breakfast,

“Good morning Jungie~ I prepare you, a delicious bre-“

“Yah! Who told you draw to my face?! Oh god Ji, you know how much I hate this, it is really dirty!” Eunjung can’t help but to scold her wife, who is now laughing really hard but she tried to hold her laugh since she can see Eunjung’s nose is breathing fire,

“Omo, Jungie~ just chill, it can be erase.” Jiyeon cutely said and she walks towards Eunjung, and trying to chill out her furious hubby, she knows how Eunjung is a clean freak, Eunjung just releases a sigh of defeat as Jiyeon is caressing her cheeks sweetly while pecking her nose and her lips, oh this is really great

“Baby~ don’t get mad at me, I just want to see my hubby with a mustache and an eyeglass, and besides you look handsome now,” Unbelievable, Eunjung sigh for the nth time for she can’t do anything when her wife is very sweet with her now, of course that is her freaking weakness,

“Baby, just don’t do this again, I really freak out when I saw dirt on my face, oh god.” Eunjung closing her eyes and massaging her temples and Jiyeon pecks her lips

“Yeah I will not do it again baby, you take your bath and fix yourself okay? We will eat after you fix yourself.” She receives a sweet peck again, her anger really died down immediately and she just mentally noted to hide all the markers or pens so Jiyeon won’t make her face a sketch book.

It is an ordinary day now, as Eunjung and Jiyeon having a day off, and actually Eunjung really wanted this day off, she completely forgot everything sitting comfortably on their soft couch leaning her back and arms spread on the back seat while her eyes on TV with her favorite noon time show, which she actually fangirling to one actress here named Jessica Jung, she is really hot, gorgeous, her aura is really elegant, she can’t help but to get awed to her, don’t get her wrong, she really loves her wife so much, and Jessica Jung is purely her idol nothing more or less.

Her TV is in max volume, of course. All she can hear is her favorite idol’s high pitch sweet angelic voice who is now telling about her lifestyle, and her business, then suddenly her wife blocked the view who is now looking very furious, and she is naked, wow, her silky white smooth skin is really flawless and her hot drop dead naked body can make her hormones really activated, her cheeks and whole body is heating up, she mentally thanking herself to marry such a hot wifey. Eunjung gulps and eyes her wife’s breast up to the furious face, which can anytime will breathe fire on her,

“You done checking on me? Huh? Now I have now your attention?” Eunjung suddenly felt scared to the threatening tone of her wife, who is now crossing her arms and her foot is tapping on their laminated flooring,

“Ah-“ Eunjung started and she looks to her furious wife,

“So you can’t hear me because you are very busy with you other woman whom you fantasize with huh?!!!” Then Jiyeon approaches her hubby grabs her poor ear and pulls it, Eunjung hissing in pain

“Aw Aw Aw… baby… it is not like that….” Then Jiyeon drags Eunjung while pulling her poor ears while Eunjung just follows her wife diligently while her poor ear is being pulled. She is mentally scolding herself for making the volume of the TV really loud that she can’t hear her wife, good grip.

Then they reached their bed room then going inside the bathroom, while she can feel her ears will be detaching her soon, she can’t feel her ears because her wife really pulled hard. Then as soon as Jiyeon releases her poor ear, her poor ear is burning hot and feeling numb

“Do you have any idea how many times I called you?” Oh god, her wife still mad at her of course, she can’t blame her, since Eunjung is really at fault there, she should be with her wife and not fangirling to her Jessica Jung, I mean Jessica Jung only,

“Baby~ I am really sor-“ Eunjung is trying to calm her wife

“SORRY?!! Just sorry? Oh god, you even prioritize that woman whom you fantasizing than your own wife?!” Jiyeon said in her high pitched tone and she ruffles her hair in frustration,

“Do you know I freaking called you for who know, that I even lost count to it, then I just go down and witnessed my husband is watching her idol which she even fantasies, for goodness sake!”  Eunjung trying to calm her wife down by holding her hands and caressing it

“Honey, it is not like that… and besides I don’t fantasize her, she is nothing compare to you really. And-“

“She is nothing compare to me? So you just even max the volume of the TV so you won’t hear your wife’s nag? Is that it Hahm Eunjung?” Eunjung gulps her saliva, geez, this is really getting hard for her, but of course she loves her wife so much and she really never looks at other woman perversely.

“Baby, I am really sorry trust me, and about maximizing the volume, I didn’t know that it will be that loud, since you know our living room is quite spacious and besides, I can really point out that you are much greater and sexier and prettier than her.” Eunjung caressing her wife’s hand, and of course, her wife is calm now, and she just being like this when she really got irritated, she heard her a sigh

“Just don’t do that again baby, you know I really hate when you are getting hooked to some TV shows too, and not minding me.” Eunjung pulls her wife and engulfs her into hug

“Of course baby, by the way why are you calling me?”

“Omo, yes of course, I know that you forgot that too.” Jiyeon said sarcastically and she just grabs something, and Eunjung eyed her, and she gawk at her wife’s sexy butt and her curves,

“Here.” Eunjung looks to her wife curiously and looks to a tube of a thick brown liquid and a spatula,

“What is this babe?” Jiyeon creased her eyebrows

“Eh you didn’t know that baby? it is a wax, geez, don’t you remember that you will help to wax my precious treasure?” Jiyeon pouted, Eunjung mouth an ‘o’ and she grabs the tube and the spatula, and gulps her saliva, honestly she didn’t know how to wax, really, it is her first time that her wife is asking her for this, since she always wax herself. But of course she still loves this, since it can be a chance to have sexy and hot time with her wife,

“I need you wax me because I will wash my hair, I will apply my treatment and that will be long, I can’t stand my crutch is bushy, oh god, I really hate it baby.” Eunjung can’t help but to imagine naughty things as she can do a BDSM right here and now to her wife, as she will be the dominant one and her wife will just be tied and spreads her legs and she will run through the spatula only to her wife’s labia then her clitoris, and she will playfully tease her wife by slight entering the spatula to her wet vagina, her wife is begging her for more, releasing her melodic moan, oh god,

“Yah! Baby! are you listening?” She heard her wife slightly pissed again, and that made her naughty day dreaming vanished, and facing her eyes again, as she can feel that her body is heating,

“Oh yeah, okay baby, I got it.” But honestly she didn’t get what her wife said, she is mentally scolding herself for being pervert, geez, then her wife satisfying smiled at her

“Okay I will wash my hair and put my treatment now, and you wax me okay?” Eunjung just nodded and gulps her saliva, eyeing her wife washes her hair, oh god, she can see that the time is getting in slow motion as her wife massaging her hair and putting her treatment, and she sits up on the small chair and spreading her legs, holy shit, it feels like she is watching a porn now, it is so erotic, Eunjung got really mesmerize to her wife’s figure, and she is closing her eyes and her legs spreading, very welcoming, she can see her wife’s yummy labia, and her wet vagina slightly covered with her pubic hair, but actually she doesn’t mind if her wife is hairy, in her crutch, she still loves to give her baby a lick and suck her.

“Yah, Ej~ where are you now? I can’t open my eyes, the treatment is really hurting my eyes if I opened it, come on faster.” Eunjung wakes up to her perverted day dreaming again, geez, for goodness sake that Jiyeon is her wife now, and yeah it is not really bad to fantasize her, but she is now fantasizing her wife like a porn star now, goodness.

“Yes baby, coming.” Eunjung quickly bends on her knees, in between the legs spread of Jiyeon, and she can really see her vagina, as she gulps her saliva again, and trying to focus on what her wife’s request, she started to open the tube with a honey smelled wax and while her eyes glued to her wife’s tempting pussy,

“Okay just tell me if it hurts okay?” Eunjung said calmly, trying herself to make calm, because her hormones are really ranging like a wild bull, she scoops the honey liked thick liquid using the spatula and apply it to her wife’s labia, downwards, honestly she doesn’t have any idea how to go this, but well just trusting her own instincts, then grab a clean small cloth beside and put the cloth on her wife’s pussy and applying pressure to her pussy, oh god, she can hear her wife moaning, that is really a punishment for her, her manly needs are suffering right now, that she can touch her wife but only to wax her but not to have some sexy time with her, ,

“I will pull this now baby,” Eunjung said and getting the edge of the cloth just eyeing her wife,

“Yes baby, do it really fast okay?” She saw her wife getting ready for the pain, and closing her eyes tightly, then Eunjung pull out the clothe as the left section of her wife’s pussy is slightly clean, then she heard her wife hissed in pain, and eyed her

“Baby, I am sorry I-“

“Shh.. that is normal baby, I can handle that okay?” Eunjung nodded and she look at her wife’s pussy again, and gulps her saliva, she is very tempted to lick her, really,

“I want to lick you.” Eunjung didn’t notice that she voiced out her thought and she is starting to caress Jiyeon’s thighs

“What do you said baby?”

“Ah… nothing, baby.” Eunjung chuckled a bit and she starts to put some wax again to the other section of her pussy, and doing the same, but then her other hand is caressing Jiyeon’s thigh and her thumb is drawing circles to her inner thigh

“Hmm.. baby… you do your job properly there okay? I want my pussy is clean okay?” She gulps her saliva for the nth time, praying her hormones to freaking calm down, then Eunjung put a cloth again and she massages now Jiyeon’s crutch, and leans her face down and starting kissing her thighs and she receives a smack

“Yah! Baby! I will kill you if my pussy is not clean! Oh god! Please clean it first, okay? I am seriously getting tired spreading my legs and closing my eyes you know, make it faster…” then Eunjung can’t help but to obey her wife of course, then what makes her crazy is her wife puts her legs to her shoulders, fuck, Eunjung gulps her saliva more, because she can’t really stand this, because her wife is really her weakness, but then she just pulls the cloth and her pussy is now slightly clean, then Eunjung caressing her wife’s thigh as she felt her wife cringes in pain,

“Aw, baby.. is it clean now?” Eunjung stared intensely at her wife and she bends down to kisses her slightly clean pussy which made Jiyeon startled

“Yah! What are you doing? Is my pussy clean now?” Jiyeon asked in her freak out, but Eunjung didn’t listen but to give her pussy butterfly kisses

“B-baby..” Jiyeon releases a moan, and Eunjung caressing her hips

“Stop baby, clean her first, okay?” Jiyeon gently pushes her spouse which made Eunjung slightly disappointed, then she pouted,

“Baby oh god please, just finish cleaning her first for god sake,” Jiyeon scolded her and Eunjung just releases a sigh, then she slightly loses her mood, and she finish her up, and then Eunjung stood up, as she saw her wife’s pussy clean now, then Jiyeon started to wash her hair, and then she saw Eunjung just washes her hands and then she saw her pussy is now clean, she goes to Eunjung and back hugs her, making sure her breast poking the back of Eunjung while resting her chin to her shoulders,

“Thanks baby,” then she pecks her cheeks, then she got startled at Eunjung as soon as she got pinned by her again, and she can saw her hubby’s eyes full of lust on her, and she smirk as she loves to see Eunjung is wanting her, more,

“I know you very well Jungie,” She said it in her sexy husk voice and then Eunjung starting trail kissing her jawline, and she tilts her head to have her more access, then she felt Eunjung’s hand on her other breast massaging her

“Baby, I really want to fuck you hard.” Jiyeon smirk as Eunjung talk dirty on her and biting her ear, she can feel the tingling sensation the moment Eunjung fiddling her nipple while Eunjung’s tongue licking her ear

“Ahh… hmm.. baby.” She releases a moan and arching her back more as she quickly felt the pleasure running through her, her hubby’s touch making her more crazy,

“M-more baby..” then she felt her knee between her thigh and letting her thigh brushing on her now, clean pussy, she can’t help but to feel a current running through her lower region and her toes curls up and pulling Eunjung closer by hugging tightly her neck, burying her face to her shoulders

“Ahhh… baby… d-don’t tease..” Eunjung starting to grind her thigh to Jiyeon’s labia through her clitoris


“You asked me more baby, you gonna pay for this, you make me crazy too, I will make you crazy…. Crazy for my touch baby.” Then she felt every word that Eunjung said passed thru her mind and every breath escapes to Eunjung’s lips like an electric current making her shiver in pleasure

“Then fuck me.”


Eunjung smirks as she heard the que and she pins her wife with her hip and her hands grabbing her cheek and kissing her roughly, but still there is a rhythm to their lips as if they are in sync, as their lips are dancing perfectly, their tongue twisting to each other, fighting for dominance and as usual, Eunjung wins, as her other hand is now traveling in every inch of her body, massaging her, and then they pant as Eunjung releases the kiss as she travels her lips now down to her neck and sucking her, while Jiyeon runs her fingers to Eunjung’s scalp and massaging her with her finger nails and pulling her more, and she started to grind her crutch to Eunjung’s and pulling Eunjung closer, she really needs her now,

“Baby…. p-please, fuck me..”


Then Eunjung started to travel her hand down wards then cupping her butt and squeezing it, more, then her other hand it cupping her breast and playing her nipple with her thumb as she trailing kisses down to her breast, then Jiyeon grabs the hands of Eunjung which is abusing her butt, dragging to her clean pussy and rubs her hand

“Ahhh- fuck… fuck… yes..” Eunjung can’t help but to smirk as her wife is really needy, and needing her touch more and more, begging for more, she really loves it, how her wife moans louder and louder, and more erotic sound is perfectly echoing their bath room, then Eunjung play on her slits and opens her labia and put a pressure to her clitoris

“FUCK! Baby….. shit… ahh..” Jiyeon rolled her eyes in pleasure as she started to buck her hips following Eunjung’s pace and grinding herself more to Eunjung’s thumb

“Yes baby, I love your moan, beg more, I love that.” Eunjung said and she started to slide her index finger to her slits and feeling her wetness,

“Hm, you are really wet now…”

“I love that; I want you just wet for me baby.” Then Eunjung kisses her breast and she keeps on playing her slits while Jiyeon is moaning louder and louder, she almost screaming as Eunjung really teasing her madly and her skillful fingers really pleasuring her this much, then she felt a penetration to her vagina, as moan escapes from her lips pulling Eunjung more to her, possessively having her,

“AHHH…. Y-YES….” Eunjung insert another digit, and she sends her wife into cloud nine as she started to pump her fingers inside her very fast making sure her g-spot really hitting with her tip of her long fingers, Jiyeon is screaming her moan, burying her head to Eunjung’s shoulders and her finger nails at Eunjung’s back, they are groaning and emitting erotic sound, as the slapping sound of their skin echoing to their bathroom, then EUnjung just keep on her pace as she felt her wife is near,

“AHH… F-FUCK BABY MORE… FASTER!” Then Eunjung just double her pace she can feel her forearm is stiffing but she doesn’t give a goddamn care then she felt her wife’s inner walls contracting


“Yes baby, cum for me.”

Then Eunjung insert another finger that make her wife scream in pleasure, beads of sweat are very evident and their body temperature escalates as their heart beat is now following the pace of her fingers and her hips bucking up and down,

“AHHH!” then her juices spilling out to her fingers as she pulls out and her juices spilling to the ground, Eunjung quickly bend down and licks her pussy, and sucking all of her juices, while Jiyeon closing her eyes tightly and pulling Eunjung more,

“Hmm… b-baby…” as soon as Eunjung cleans her cum, she looks to wife’s eyes lovingly, while she licks her finger covered with Jiyeon’s cum

“Hm.. baby, you are really delicious.” Caressing her thighs and they still catching their breath most especially Jiyeon,

“You are so good Jungie… “ Eunjung smiles proudly and gets up as she pulls her wife’s waist closer to her, and pecks her lips longer,

“I love you so much Jiyeon, I know that we still not see each other that much, but my heart always beats for you, and you will be the only woman in my eyes, as you make my heart alive,” She caressing her cheeks and looking at her dearly, while Jiyeon got moved to her words

“Me too, baby, when you fall for me from the sky, literally, I was actually mesmerized at you and you making me attracted to you too, and falling for you more. I love you Eunjung,” Eunjung smiles and kisses her wife for the last time, and they will still continue to write their own love story.